Meet our Team

Our Motto:
Live a little, laugh a little, love a lot.

As pet owners ourselves, we do everything it takes to make the process of purchasing a puppy with Pawrade a safe, enjoyable and healthy experience for the puppy and the client. Get to know a little more about our outstanding team of pet enthusiasts, working hard each day to provide a pawsome experience to each one of our customers.

Colette Turner portrait

Colette Turner
Content Copywriter

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

Pet: Katie - Lab/Pit mix, Buddy - Lab/Pit mix

Role: Making puppy profiles so customers can fall in love with the personality of the dog they are seeing on the screen.

Hobbies: Starting home remodel projects knowing her hubby will have to finish them, collecting coffee mugs, and pinning recipes that her family will never eat.

Fun Facts:

  • LOVES going to haunted houses, won't sleep for the next 24 hours after going
  • Will talk to your dog before talking to you
  • Loves to buy plants, does NOT have a green thumb


  • Drinking coffee
  • Hitting the snooze button
  • Buying toys for her kids


  • Halloween decorations
  • Coffee mugs
  • Buying toys for her kids
Kelly Wicoff portrait

Kelly Wicoff
Puppy Concierge

Momma K

Pet: Maxx - Rat Terrier

Role: Since dog is man's best friend, she helps people find their best friend.

Hobbies: She loves spending time with her family, hiking, gardening, painting with Bob Ross, and singing

Fun Facts:

  • She loves long boring history documentaries
  • Addicted to YouTube
  • She is an HSP and has Spidey Senses


  • Empathic
  • Funny
  • Nature lover


  • Pizza
  • Chocolate
  • Rat Terriers!
Jillian Royalty portrait

Jillian Royalty
Breeder Relations

Cat Person

Pet: Roxy - Egyptian Mau

Role: Works under breeder relations for breeder support

Hobbies: Being with her cat, state hopping, playing piano

Fun Facts:

  • Biggest Garbage Pail Kid collection in the south
  • Can't stay in the same state for more than a month
  • Owns over 200 pairs of socks


  • Conversation
  • Impulsive Decisions
  • Good handwriting


  • Hair dye
  • Caffeine
  • Cats
Tina Bailey portrait

Tina Bailey
Customer Concierge

"Real G's move in silence like lasagna"

Pet: Waylon & Mario - Snowshoe Kitten, Phoenix - Calico Kitten

Role: She's a cat lady that helps people find their new puppy

Hobbies: TikTok enthusiast, pinning recipes and DIYs on Pinterest that she will never do, dancing in her kitchen

Fun Facts:

  • Collects Farmhouse decor, doesn't own a Farmhouse
  • Buys some sort of bag whenever she is at the store for no apparent reason
  • Owns an island on Animal Crossing


  • Song lyrics
  • Matching socks
  • Running on little to no sleep


  • Cruises
  • Online shopping
  • Her granddaughter
Regina Diaddigo portrait

Regina Diaddigo
Puppy Concierge

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" - Gandhi

Pet: Hulk - Olde English Bulldog

Role: To dig up the most positively perfect puppy for each human!

Hobbies: Drinking coffee, cooking food her family doesn't want to eat, yoga, sending her friends memes rather than calling them

Fun Facts:

  • Vegan - has been for nine years
  • Coaches gymnastics
  • Really wants a donkey or a goat or a pig or cow…but her husband won't let her


  • Ignoring housework
  • Online shopping and finding all the deals
  • Teaching kids to read! She taught both of her children to read (she homeschooled for a while) and, for four years, she taught children in China to speak English!


  • Dark Chocolate
  • Mimosas
  • Chin-ups
Lindsey Phillips portrait

Lindsey Phillips
Customer Concierge

"What's one more??"

Pet: Larry/Ellie/Sherman - Chihuahuas, Junior/Elton/Paul/Prudence - Pitbulls

Role: Helping buyers get ready for their new puppy!

Hobbies: Tik Tok, shopping, playing piano

Fun Facts:

  • Hates to drive
  • Obsessed with Walmart delivery
  • She can say the alphabet backwards


  • Organized
  • Watching Netflix
  • Sleeping in


  • Dogs! (She has 7!)
  • Online shopping
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Joey Walsh portrait

Joey Walsh
Health Guarantee Claims Manager

"It is what it is!", "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon!"

Pet: D.O.G. - Boxer Mix, Sheba - German Shepherd

Role: Making sure your puppy's Health Guarantee claims are handled adequately and in a timely manner!

Hobbies: Detective, trail riding, poker runs

Fun Facts:

  • People watcher
  • 80's hip hop
  • Southern charm


  • Thinks he can fix it all
  • Charm
  • Laidback


  • Porters/Stouts
  • Christmas
  • Espresso
Janell Hester portrait

Janell Hester
Puppy Concierge

"Be the person your dog thinks you are"

Pet: Sir Braxxton de Pig 'Em Bottoms - English Bulldog

Role: Puppy Princess - making dreams come true with puppy love


Fun Facts:

  • Easily distracted by a shiny object
  • Really loves anything pink
  • Collects Curious George everything


  • Napping
  • Constantly being confused
  • Loving puppies


  • Louis Vuitton
  • Pink Sparkly anything
  • Reese's peanut butter cups
Mary Artes portrait

Mary Artes
Customer Concierge

"Life is golden with a doodle"

Pet: Stella - Micro Mini Goldendoodle

Role: Prepares new "paw" parents on the arrival of their new puppies

Hobbies: Loves to travel. Next up is the Virgin Islands. Mom taxi to her two teenagers.

Fun Facts:

  • She has an identical twin sister and yes they can read each other's minds
  • Loves the anticipation of a good snow storm
  • One of those crazy Christmas lovers that has decorations up on November 1st


  • Organized
  • Good listener
  • Never loses a game of Scrabble


  • Pumpkin obsessed
  • Carb junkie
  • Watching too much reality TV
Carli Rivera portrait

Carli Rivera
Customer Concierge

"Always kill them with kindness."

Pet: Mother of a cat named TigerLily (Tigy) and auntie of two dogs, Chance & Africa

Role: Doing her top favorite things; talk & better yet, talk about puppies all day!

Hobbies: Binge-watch series, thrifting, car-aoke master, and keeping succulents alive

Fun Facts:

  • Spends more time planning than enjoying
  • Taught a cat to sit…and that's it
  • She multi-tasks even when she thinks she's not


  • Always the Group Mom
  • Big ol' heart
  • Shopping for Deals


  • Very emotional
  • Sushi
  • Anything and everything Disney

You've met us! We can't wait to meet you!

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Lara Bowen portrait

Lara Bowen
Customer Concierge

"Everything is figureoutable"

Pet: Luna Grace - Black Mouth Cur

Role: Giving new pawrents the 411 on all things puppy related

Hobbies: Watching Real Housewives on repeat, Peloton, adding stuff to online shopping carts just to see how much it all costs & exit browser

Fun Facts:

  • Interior designer in past life
  • Puts ranch on errrythang
  • Crab Dip Connoisseur


  • Organized
  • Determined
  • Keepin' it real


  • Iced coffee
  • Reality TV
  • Overly sensitive
Emma Pierce portrait

Emma Pierce
Customer Concierge

"They say life is short.... So why not buy a dog?"

Pet: Luna - Saint Bernard, Gracie - Golden Retriever

Role: Helping one family at a time finding their forever fur baby.

Hobbies: Eating, playing with dogs, drinking coffee, shopping and being outside any time of the year

Fun Facts:

  • Hates driving
  • Loves to dance in the living room with no one home
  • Has more pictures of her dogs than her family


  • Making new friends
  • Multitasking
  • Organized


  • Having to pet every dog she sees
  • Online shopping
  • Cows
Melissa Jackson portrait

Melissa Jackson
Breeder Liaison


Pet: Unalii - Coonhound, Bama - Coonhound mix, Honey - Cat, Mufasa - Cat, Camille - Cat, Neigh-Neigh - Tennessee Walking Horse, Maize - Tennessee Walking Horse, Breakaway - Quarter Horse, Donk Donk - Donkey, 4 Turkeys, 25 Chickens, Daisy - Rat, Spot - Rat

Role: She helps breeders find their way to us, to sell their sweet puppies

Hobbies: Gardening, horse back riding, bee farming

Fun Facts:

  • She is a bee farmer
  • Enjoys holistic medicine
  • She is a a licensed veterinary technician with 20+ years experience


  • Organized
  • Multi-tasker
  • Veterinary medicine background


  • Patience
  • Animals
  • Bees
Devlyn Ray portrait

Devlyn Ray
Sales Manager

"It was not the thorn bending to the honeysuckles, but the honeysuckles embracing the thorn."

Pet: Fitzgerald - Olde English Sheepdog

Role: He assists the Sales Manager...unless he's off and then he's the Sales Manager...but only in regards to the responsibilities. He would feel terrible if he stole his actual job on his one day off!

Hobbies: Playing with Fitz and doing hoodrat things with his homies.

Fun Facts:

  • Hates for his food to touch
  • Ambidextrous
  • Swears he invented the phrase "friends with benefits" but no one believes him


  • Talking
  • Listening
  • Talking about listening


  • Brevity
  • Monogamy
  • That first moment when you come home from Happy Hour and you and your puppy lock eyes and you can tell that they genuinely missed you
Charlie Elliott portrait

Charlie Elliott
Assistant Operations Manager


Pet: Grant - Shih Tzu

Role: Coordinates with breeders and customers to get puppies to their new furever homes as safely and efficiently as possible

Hobbies: Classic vehicles, motorcycles, fighting with my kids :)

Fun Facts:

  • He loves old abandoned stuff
  • Video games bore him
  • 80's music nerd


  • Can fix anything
  • Can break anything
  • Super dependable


  • Classic vehicles
  • Amazon
  • Waterfront bars
Amanda Hettinger portrait

Amanda Hettinger
Content Copywriter

"Jane of all trades"

Pet: Jinx - Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Role: Writes fun short descriptions for all of the cute puppies.

Hobbies: Photography, painting, video games, and ghost hunting

Fun Facts:

  • She is most excited and happy around the Autumn season
  • Amanda will NEVER turn down a chance to go on a ghost hunt
  • Even though she hates getting messy she loves doing acrylic paint pours


  • Creativity
  • Hyper-focus
  • Outgoing


  • All animals
  • Anything Halloween
  • Sleep
Lois-Ann Krahling portrait

Lois-Ann Krahling
Customer Concierge

Crazy Grandma

"Live like the gate's been left open"

Pet: ll Grand Dogs Porter, Katie, Buddy, Talley, Another Buddy, Brusky, & Grand Cats Pancakes, Waffles, LOA (Little Orphan Annie) Simba

Role: Working closely with the buyers and breeders to create an extraordinary experience for the buyer of their fur-ever Friend!

Hobbies: People, loves people and loves spending time with her children and grandkids. Loves being outdoors in the sun, walking, riding bikes

Fun Facts:


  • Dancing
  • Loving everyone she meets
  • Killing with kindness


  • Christmas decorating
  • Spoiling her grandbabies
  • Never being able to say no
Cindy Walter portrait

Cindy Walter
Travel Concierge

"I took care of it, Harry", "She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future."

Pet: Hippie Chic - Paint Quarter horse, Ollie, Axel, Drover, Dude - Quarter horse, Kora - Hangin Tree Cow dog, Spur - McNab Cow dog, Jax, Jetta, Tudders-Queensland heelers

Role: There is nothing better than to see eyes light up when a new puppy arrives. She wants to help make dreams a reality by helping find the perfect new fur family member.

Hobbies: Living life to the fullest, riding horses, and spending time with loved ones

Fun Facts:

  • Once bought 17 adult Great Danes at one time! GO BIG OR GO HOME!! (Rehomed to better homes)
  • Quote all the silly movies (Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin, Austin powers…..)
  • Once died whale watching (Not really but the Whale and her calf did go directly under their 21' boat) awesome but terrifying!


  • Hard-working. Kind of a workaholic...
  • Kind
  • Loyal


  • Sweets, all chunky girls love sweets!
  • Horses and dogs
  • Can't say NO!!
Renee Reamy portrait

Renee Reamy
Travel Concierge

"Do a job you love and you will never work a day in your life!"

Pet: Zeus - PlottHound/Lab Mix, Athena - Aussiedoodle

Role: Navigates a complex system so you don't have to. Researches and books transport, pulls together the proper documents, coordinates with the breeders and carriers and helps get new puppies to their furever home

Hobbies: Online shopping, watching my kids play their sports and reading

Fun Facts:

  • Mom of 5 - "I am not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom"
  • Once was a flight nanny for one of our buyers/breeders!
  • Used to run a middle school with 800 students, they are pretty similar to 800 puppies


  • Good listener
  • Great Communicator
  • Multitasking queen


  • Online shopping
  • Firefighters
  • Anything that requires physical activity
Brian Salta portrait

Brian Salta

"The weather outside is weather"

Pet: Roi - English Bulldog

Role: Not writing copy

Hobbies: Wearing Under Armour, spotting celebrities in the airport and Costco shopping

Fun Facts:

  • Loves "ice cold IPA's and college football"
  • Has mastered driving with his knees
  • A former Olympian once called him "buff"


  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall quotes
  • Happy hour
  • Frequent flyer miles


  • Pasta
  • Stock trading
  • Dancing
Kenneth Thomas portrait

Kenneth Thomas
Puppy Concierge

Kenny AKA "The Bulldog Dad"

"I'm on the Clooney Plan.", "You can't change the waves, but you can learn how to surf."

Pet: Louie (RIP) - English Bulldog, Otis - English Bulldog, Buster (Family Dog) - Blue Nose Pit Bull Terrier

Role: He is like Will Smith in the movie Hitch, but for puppies. Bulldog aficionado that wants to bless everyone with the life changing experience of giving a Bulldog (or any other breed of fur baby haha) a fur-ever home.

Hobbies: Watching movies/shows/UFC, writing/recording/mixing/mastering music, snowboarding, and….napping

Fun Facts:

  • He won Class Clown
  • Kenny's here, what are your other 2 wishes?


  • Sales
  • Freestyle rapping


  • Amazon prime
  • Bulldogs
  • Brunettes
Joseph Hess portrait

Joseph Hess
Puppy Concierge

"When your children are teenagers, it's important to have a dog so that someone in the house is happy to see you!"

Pet: Otto - Doberman (Pawrade puppy)

Role: The Oprah of get a puppy, you get a puppy, you're all getting puppies!

Hobbies: Making embarrassing TikTok videos, trying to teach his old dog new tricks, thinking he knows more than every NFL analyst, people watching at Walmart, being a wanna-be actor, and explaining cryptocurrency to his parents.

Fun Facts:

  • He was on an MTV reality show
  • All-State Pitcher in Baseball twice in FL
  • He was in the movie War Dogs


  • Arm wrestling
  • Throwing pigskins a quarter mile
  • Handstands


  • Online dating (see strengths above)
  • Petting dogs even when the owner says they bite
  • Saying, "That's what she said," at the wrong time
Kelly Hall portrait

Kelly Hall
Customer Concierge

"I wish my wallet came with free refills!"

Pet: Tank - Husky, Major - Great Dane, Rip - Pomsky

Role: Just here to chat about puppies all day long!

Hobbies: Retail Therapy professional, Peloton lover, hanging with Friends, raising tiny humans and managing her own zoo!

Fun Facts:

  • Wax melt and candle obsessed
  • Loves all things music
  • Dislikes going to the grocery store


  • Talking
  • Shopping
  • Hard working


  • Spending money
  • Pumpkin anything
  • Halloween
Aurora Moss portrait

Aurora Moss
Content Copywriter

"Attract what you expect, Reflect what you desire, Become what you respect, Mirror what you admire."

Pet: Bo - American Bulldog

Role: Reviews, revises and approves listings to make sure they are grammatically correct. She also spends a lot of time telling herself, "No Aurora, we do not need another puppy yet!"

Hobbies: Making candles during her spare time, rocking the "bummy mom look" at all time.

Fun Facts:

  • She has a 2yr old son that thinks he is a dinosaur and will roar at you with pride
  • Watches more basketball than she would like to admit
  • Gets to enjoy traveling to different states, but it's due to basketball tournaments that she doesn't usually enjoy


  • Being her fiancé's favorite headache
  • Written communication
  • Her playlist


  • Her son (he gets whatever he wants)
  • Pajamas
  • Pawrade puppies
Aaron Wood portrait

Aaron Wood
Customer Concierge

"You done messed up ay ayron"

Pet: Gunner - Boston Terrier, Gage - Boston Terrier

Role: Helping families find new furever pups!

Hobbies: Fishing, sightseeing, binge watching everything on Netflix

Fun Facts:

  • Has a son named Cobin
  • Can't stand any type of mess
  • Everyone says he looks like Post Malone


  • Hardworking
  • Online shopping
  • People watching at the bar


  • Cold weather
  • Spiders
  • Sleeping with the fan on
Elizabeth Weems portrait

Elizabeth Weems
Director of Breeder Relations

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather is, always bring your own sunshine."

Pet: Piper - ShihPoo

Role: Helping breeders find loving homes for their furbabies

Hobbies: Raising tiny humans, hanging with friends, becoming obsessed with Peleton, junk food junkie, celery juicing, and Netflix'ing

Fun Facts:

  • Terrified of bridges
  • She has her own litter...of kids :)
  • Found her long lost sister on Facebook, and now she works for Pawrade!


  • Snooze buttons
  • Mad house cleaner and organizer
  • Pro at Home Chef


  • Smells... Post offices, Home Depots, Gasoline, Redi Markers
  • Sweatshirts
  • Chocolate...well anything sweet
Courtney Dean portrait

Courtney Dean
Social Engagement Director

Crazy dog lady

"Kill em with kindness", "seriously", "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." –Steve Jobs

Pet: Evie - Pug, Lincoln - King Charles Cavalier

Role: The Anti-Social Distancing Police, responsible for the exact opposite of social distancing - Online style. Throws the wildest of wild Online paw parade parties.

Hobbies: Growing things, anything creative and foodie

Fun Facts:

  • The American Girl Doll "Courtney 1986" made her life complete
  • Extreme fear of rafts and praying mantis
  • Snackaholic


  • Doesn't have an off switch
  • Never gets tired
  • Not exercising


  • Diet Coke
  • Saying "no"
  • Gluten
  • Pugs
Dan Keener portrait

Dan Keener
Puppy Concierge

Dan the Man

"I will just get one more dog"

Pet: 3 Dogs: Cali, Pepper & Millie

Role: Talk about cute puppies all day

Hobbies: Talking about puppies, cuddling with puppies going for a walk with puppies, anything puppies

Fun Facts:

  • He's jumped out of a plane
  • Loves to travel
  • Loves doing anything outdoors


  • Talking about puppies
  • Pretending to workout
  • Listening


  • Puppies
  • Dogs
  • Amazon
Sandra Turner portrait

Sandra Turner
Breeder Relations

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." ― Marilyn Monroe

Pet: Pancakes - Siamese Cat, Porter - Border Collie/Chow mix

Role: Helping breeders find loving and fur-ever homes for their babies

Hobbies: Taking Walks, spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, and taking pictures

Fun Facts:

  • Has an obsession with baskets and jars
  • Can change her own brakes
  • Loves all adventures


  • Tech savvy
  • Independent
  • Creative


  • All animals
  • Anything halloween
  • Coffee
Larry Bowen portrait

Larry Bowen
Puppy Concierge

"Don't sweat the small stuff."

Pet: Milo - Maltese

Role: Selling pups

Hobbies: Collecting sports cards, wild animal watching in the back yard and KIDS

Fun Facts:

  • Jack of all trades
  • His ex-wife thinks he can predict the future
  • He's a great storyteller


  • Sports
  • Predicting the future (Nostradamus-like) lol
  • Patience


  • Long term planning
  • Crickets
  • Sleep
Paul Reamy portrait

Paul Reamy
Assistant Sales Manager

Pet: Cooper - Cavapoo

Role: Helping people and families find their next perfect dog

Hobbies: Watching football, people-watching and cocktails

Fun Facts:

  • He loves binging on Netflix
  • Can't stand the cold


  • Hitting snooze
  • Playing golf
  • Shotguns 🍺


  • Reese's
  • Pizza
  • Tattoos
Morgan Elliott portrait

Morgan Elliott
Travel Liaison

"No worries"

Pet: Bailey - Labrador Retriever, Piper - Shih Tzu, Abe - Doberman Pincher

Role: She gets the puppies from the breeder to their forever homes

Hobbies: Working out, shopping, being a taxi for her kids

Fun Facts:

  • If she could she would have wayyyy more dogs
  • She may or may not love dogs more than humans
  • She has the ability to tune out her children and still hear the tv, phone, or another person simultaneously


  • Humor
  • Talking to people
  • Still being able to sleep after 45 cups of coffee a day


  • Saying no to her children
  • Saying no to her dogs
  • Amazon prime
Brenden Salta portrait

Brenden Salta

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right!"

Pet: Thea - French Bulldog

Role: Creative problem solver and visionary of the most simplest crosswalk and traffic light systems

Hobbies: Boating, traveling, exercising and overly researching anything and everything

Fun Facts:

  • Can sing most songs until the music stops
  • Once wore socks with sandals
  • Prefers to be the complete opposite of normal


  • Self deprecating jokes
  • Meyers-Briggs ENTP to a T
  • Not boring


  • Relentless determination
  • Heights
  • Math
Tony Stray portrait

Tony Stray
Puppy Concierge

Dog Whisperer

Pet: Chico - Chihuahua, Cabo and Greycee - Kittens

Role: Helps people find their new family member

Hobbies: Working out, hiking, really anything outdoors, foodie, loves hard rock and metal music

Fun Facts:

  • Hiked to the tallest point in the contiguous U.S.
  • Once flew into a tropical storm (landing just before the airport closed) to go to a music festival
  • Likes dogs more than most people


  • Procrastinating
  • Ordering takeout
  • Binge-watching Netflix


  • Procrastinating
  • Online shopping
  • Disneyland
Tara Mir portrait

Tara Mir
Puppy Concierge

"Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!"

Pet: Norman (aka Normetrius or Fat Boy) and Millie (aka Ms. Wigglita or Milson)

Role: Helping you experience the complete and immense joy of having a doggo in your life – Live. Love. WOOF!

Hobbies: Taking endless pictures of her puppers (no time is a bad time for a picture), playing video games 90% of the time, aspiring plant mom - currently, her giant elephant ear is thriving! Others....not as much

Fun Facts:

  • She found Millie through Pawrade! Best decision she ever made :)
  • Huge Harry Potter nerd. Honestly, ask her anything
  • Speaking of being a nerd, she's a mega gamer and good at it. She has an Xbox, PS5 & Nintendo Switch
  • Did she say she was a nerd? She also has a very vast collection of lego sets


  • Her endless & eternal love for her puppies
  • Master Pokemon trainer
  • Saved the galaxy on numerous occasions. No big deal.


  • Sweets, desserts, junk food in general
  • The overwhelming desire to buy every dog toy in sight
  • The inability to decide what she wants for dinner
Shannon Gegor portrait

Shannon Gegor
Travel Manager

"For effs sakes", "This too shall pass"

Pet: Dolly Parton - Corgi, Waylon - Bernese Mountain Dog, Vaga - Bearded Dragon

Role: Gets puppies home safe into their new owners arms

Hobbies: Drinking and exercising

Fun Facts:

  • Knows the words to every 80s/90s song out there
  • Once owned a cat named Brad Pittens
  • Her husband likes Burt Reynolds more than her most days


  • Organizing
  • Time management
  • More organizing


  • Buying gym clothes
  • Saying no to her kids
  • Back handsprings
Lucy Hughes portrait

Lucy Hughes
Content Copywriter

"Mama tried!"

Pet: Bowie - Golden Retriever

Role: She writes doggy dating profiles to match puppies with their furever humans

Hobbies: Fiber artist, Irish dancing aficionado, nature photography, kayaking

Fun Facts:

  • Always makes friends with random people out in public
  • Owns way too many art supplies
  • Loves to macro photograph dead bugs, snakes, and toads


  • Pampering her Golden, Bowie
  • Making cool quilts
  • Navigating in the wilderness


  • Sushi
  • Comfy pants
  • Craft IPAs and Sours
Kelli Dean portrait

Kelli Dean
Customer Concierge

"The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs." Charles de Gaulle

Pet: Cooper - Cavapoo, Leo - Cane Corso, Piper - Border Collie, Cardi P - Pig, Olaf - Cat

Role: Helping puppies find their "fur" ever homes

Hobbies: Spending time with her kids, she has 4. Wait! Do moms get hobbies? Loves boating, hiking, being outdoors, and spending time together.

Fun Facts:

  • Can lay down a pretty mean freestyle rap. The kind of G little homies want to be like
  • Had more photoshoots with Coop than with her kids
  • ALWAYS beating her toddler at Rock, Paper, Scissors


  • Amazon shopping after happy hour, ask me why I own a snowblower in the South
  • Her kids say, "Best Mom Ever." She thinks they are just getting ready to ask for something
  • Good listener, loves to learn about people


  • Anything Halloween or Christmas, a hopeless over-decorator
  • Trash-picking - loves refurbishing old furniture
  • Craft stores, never met one she didn't like
Alisa Bible portrait

Alisa Bible
Puppy Concierge


Pet: 2 dogs! Clutch and Angel

Role: Gets to help people adopt the perfect puppy for their families!

Hobbies: Online shopping, hanging out with her dogs, hanging out with her friends and their dogs, and spending time in nature

Fun Facts:

  • Absolutely loves makeup and can't resist buying it
  • Constantly changing her hair color
  • Can't go to Target without spending at least $100, but always forgetting to buy the items she went there for


  • Making drinks
  • Dropping everything she picks up
  • Hitting curbs


  • All animals especially puppies
  • Anything holiday-themed
  • Tattoo shops
Destiny Freeman portrait

Destiny Freeman
Customer Concierge


Pet: Pluto - German Shepherd/Mastiff

Role: Creating happy families four paws at a time

Hobbies: Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, any Lego game you can think of, Anime, Steven Universe expert, Amateur Perfumer (probably the only adult thing she does)

Fun Facts:

  • She bond with her dog over blankets & Brooklyn Nine-Nine


  • TikTok
  • Hair Dye
  • Vine References


  • Amazon
  • Targets that have a Starbucks inside
  • Dogs
Peter Corso portrait

Peter Corso
Puppy Concierge

Sweet Pete

Pet: Mochi

Role: He is here to "fetch" all the information you need before adopting your perfect pup

Hobbies: Anything sports, traveling, hiking and eating dessert before dinner

Fun Facts:

  • As a toddler, he would use markers to play Connect-the-Dots on his Dalmatian
  • Born and raised near Detroit, Michigan
  • If he could have any super power, it would be to shape-shift


  • Strategy board games like Chess and Scrabble
  • Parallel parking
  • Karaoke


  • Sleeping in
  • Can't dunk a basketball
  • Watching too much Seinfeld
Eddie Rush portrait

Eddie Rush
Puppy Concierge

"No worries"

Pet: Daisy - Yellow Lab, Simba - Cat

Role: Here to help find a puppy for anyone who is interested.

Hobbies: Likes to be outside, go to the beach, play sports, work out

Fun Facts:

  • Volleyball is his new favorite sport to play


  • Listening
  • Being responsible


  • Pizza
  • Donuts
Britney Simmons portrait

Britney Simmons

"Life is a blessing, gratitude erases negativity."

Pet: Bruno - English Bulldog

Role: Keeping customers happy and trying to provide the best customer service a person could PAWsibly have!

Hobbies: Riding horses, Amazon shopping, Hobby Lobby shopping, crafting, learning new things, playing with Bruno, movie time with family, cooking with the kids on occasion, vacation

Fun Facts:

  • Loves Christmas but hates the winter
  • Loves buying/making gifts for others
  • Constantly getting her butt kicked at Mario Kart
  • Loves getting together with family/friends to play games/cards


  • Puppy care
  • Organized
  • Determined


  • Hobby Lobby
  • Christmas
  • Gnomes
  • English bulldog puppies
Sara Franck portrait

Sara Franck
Puppy Concierge

"It's not about how many times you fall, it's about how many times you get back up."

Pet: Zoe - Boxer

Role: Helping puppy's find their forever home, and putting a smile on their family's faces.

Hobbies: Gardening, Youtubing, glamping, they're a drag racing family....1/4 mile

Fun Facts:

  • She has so much yarn, people think she owns a store


  • Snooze buttons
  • Embarrassing her teenagers
  • Giving hubby puppy dog eyes


  • Amazon
  • Chik Fil A
  • All things puppy
  • Buying yarn
Carlos Fernandez portrait

Carlos Fernandez
Puppy Concierge

"Be willing to learn from anyone and everyone, regardless of their station in life."

Pet: None at the moment

Role: Helps find the right puppy for you!

Hobbies: Anything to do with MMA, puppies, and music!

Fun Facts:

  • Born in Panama City, Panama
  • Loves all types of music, even country
  • He is excited to get more tattoos!


  • Competitiveness
  • Patience
  • Curiosity


  • Loves routines
  • Chipotle
  • Large dogs
Jen Elliott portrait

Jen Elliott
Operations Manager

"When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day long!"

Pet: Grant - Shih Tzu

Role: Problem solver. Ensuring smooth and efficient daily operations. Assisting breeder relations with all aspects of tasks, concerns and motivation.

Hobbies: ID Channel watcher, home decor, shopping and sugar skull collector!

Fun Facts:

  • Loves sweatpants
  • Snorts when she laughs really hard
  • Wanted to be a cop when she grew up


  • Knowing song lyrics like a boss
  • Sleeping
  • Honesty


  • Sugar skull anything - she wants them all
  • Getting tattoos
  • Wine
Renee Smith portrait

Renee Smith
Breeder Relations

"Never say die" - Goonies

Pet: Elsa - Cattle Dog Shorthaired Pointer Mix

Role: She is the new kid on the block, going step by step! The pups are always on her mind!

Hobbies: Sun catcher, Elsa follower, flower lover, bird watcher, car singer, book reader

Fun Facts:

  • Loves flowers but can't keep them alive
  • Owns 23 blankets
  • Goes to Target when she says she is going to the grocery store


  • 90's trivia expert
  • Can hear a mandrake and survive
  • Doing different European accents at any given time


  • All things Christmas
  • Anything soft and fuzzy
  • Coffee mugs
Beth Thomas portrait

Beth Thomas
Puppy Concierge

"Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday"

Pet: Harlee - Cockapoo, Cooper - Mini Goldendoodle

Role: Help customers find their perfect fur baby companion

Hobbies: Raising her kids and fur babies, going to the beach, social butterfly, shopping, riding her Peloton

Fun Facts:

  • Momma bear raising 4 kids and 2 pups
  • Survived a horrific golf cart accident
  • Born and raised and still lives in Maryland


  • Relaxing beach side
  • Works well with others
  • Pays attention to details


  • Retail Therapy AKA Shopping
  • Indecisive
  • Pizza
Reagean Simmons portrait

Reagean Simmons
Customer Concierge

"Today is not the day!"

Pet: Smokey & Sadie - Australian Cattle Dogs, Jumbo - Toy Fox Terrier, Foxy - Paso Fino/Fox Trotter Cross, Ellie - Bashkir Curly (the poodle of horses), Betty - Fox Trotter, Stella - Fox Trotter/Tennessee Walking Horse Cross

Role: Educates new puppy parents on topics related to health

Hobbies: Riding Horses with her mom and kids, watching her kids compete in rodeos/showdeos and spending hours in a tack shop

Fun Facts:

  • Autism mom
  • Rodeo mom
  • Heavy metal music mom


  • Hitting the snooze button
  • Finding shiny tack for her horses
  • Cooking


  • Anything shiny
  • Late everywhere she goes
  • Telling kids no
Jade Warner portrait

Jade Warner
Customer Concierge

"Loud" Puppy Whisperer

Pet: Sasha and Jefe - XL Bully

Role: To whisper to the puppies....obviously

Hobbies: Morning #momlife #momof6 #somehuman #allanimals

Fun Facts:

  • Dollar Tree is the way to her heart
  • Loves long walks at the puppy park
  • Loves to talk....even if she has to use her fingers


  • Mom ears
  • Mom mouth
  • Mom brain


  • Mom brain
  • Mom mouth
  • Puppies
Tania Moss portrait

Tania Moss
Program Director

"Mom of the group", "If you got a problem, yo I'll solve it. Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it."

Pet: Prince - Papillion, Jables - Pit Bull Mix, Toby - Toy Poodle and Lacie - Golden Retriever

Role: Vanilla Ice lyrics coordinator, "Ice Ice Baby"

Hobbies: Baking, cooking, cake decorating and loves being creative on her free time

Fun Facts:

  • She's the lost sister :)
  • Her grandma was a breeder and she helped her with her kennel
  • Makes cakes in her spare time. The fancy one's you see on TV


  • Compassionate and caring for the love of dogs
  • Problem solver


  • Krispy Kreme
  • OCD
  • Coffee
Donna Conner portrait

Donna Conner
Puppy Concierge

"A positive mind finds opportunities in everything and a negative mind finds fault in everything."

Pet: Beau - Yellow Lab, Bella - Yorkie

Role: Want a puppy? She'll make it happen!!!

Hobbies: Soaking up the sun, cleaning, breakfast dates, and spending time with her kids (including the furry ones)

Fun Facts:

  • Buys a TON of books, and never reads them
  • She has never met a stranger
  • Loves traveling


  • Cleaning
  • Helping others
  • Time Management


  • Resisting a good deal
  • Chips, dip, and a Diet Coke
  • Following through with a book, lol