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The Golden Retriever is a gorgeous, large, energetic breed. Since they are a sporting breed, they require daily exercise. Along with their desire for play, they are loveable, polite, and easily trained due to their high intelligence. Given their eagerness to please, they are devoted family companions and are known as gentle and patient with children.

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The Golden Retriever is a gorgeous, large, energetic breed. Since they are a sporting breed, they require daily exercise. Along with their desire for play, they are loveable, polite, and easily trained due to their high intelligence. Given their eagerness to please, they are devoted family companions and are known as gentle and patient with children.

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale: About the Breed

Googling "Golden Retriever pups near me" will likely bring up lots of cute pictures from Pinterest and other popular publications and pet sites. Owning this breed is one of the best options for novice dog owners and those with young children.

The exuberant Scottish gundog was bred to retrieve guineas and waterfowl during hunts. These dogs were always serious hunters and participated in fieldwork. Today, they are excellent companions and often work as guide dogs for the blind.

This sturdy, muscular dog is famous for the double golden coat that gives it its name. Its broad head, intelligent eyes, and straight muzzle invite lots of interest at any Golden Retriever sale.


Search "Golden Retriever puppy for sale near me," and you will find these dogs marketed as excellent companions for young people. Their friendly, obedient nature makes them an easygoing dog to invite into your home.

Retrievers are medium size dogs with coats ranging from white gold colors to a near-brown. The qualities that make people want to buy Golden Retriever puppies are enthusiasm, playfulness, and intelligence.

Unlike other breeds, the retriever is among the most forgiving dogs to train, with an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years. However, there are instances of these dogs living until they are 19 years old.

Activity Level

A Golden Retriever puppy for sale loves to play and should remain active. These animals enjoy running, swimming, and playing games in practically any environment. However, they will not behave poorly if they spend half the day cuddling with their owners on the sofa.

These dogs are classified as moderate activity dogs, meaning you will not need to dedicate excessive time to exercising gold, cream, or red Golden Retriever puppies.

However, you will need to invest in many toys to keep them entertained when they are active. Retrievers can be easily bored if they have the same routine daily. Owners need to vary up their days to keep them entertained.


Golden Retriever puppies for sale are such a popular breeding option because of their temperament.

Despite their excitable nature, they are gentle with children and other pets. Little will get under their skin, and they keep their barking to a minimum. They are an ideal example of a dog that is eager to please their owners because of their high natural obedience.

Aggression among Golden Retrievers for sale is rare, meaning they are a good choice for first-time dog owners. Just be aware that Golden Retrievers can occasionally forget how big they are. They are lovable big dogs, but it is not uncommon for them to think they have the stature of a small pup.


Training is always a consideration for a new addition to the family. Do you need to contact a professional trainer to get your pup into shape?

With a standard Golden Retriever, the answer is no. These dogs are highly intelligent and obedient, meaning they will pick up new commands quickly. Due to their friendly, social nature, these dogs respond best to positive reinforcement. A few treats for successfully obeying a new command should be enough to help them remember the order for life.

Like most dogs, expect Golden Retriever puppies for sale to learn faster if trained at a younger age. Puppies are highly impressionable and respond faster to training attempts during their first year or two.

The only potential downside is that many retriever rescues tend to be more challenging to train, as these dogs can be stubborn when they are already set in their ways.


If you are searching for "Golden Retriever puppies for sale near me" you are likely concerned about how much these dogs may cost to purchase and the ongoing costs of care.

These are not rare breeds, so you can often find Golden Retriever puppies for sale available at lower prices than some other breeds. The cost a young pup begins around $2,150 from a reputable breeder and may increase in price due to several factors such as pedigree, coat color, and more.

Older dogs can cost more in maintenance because of their additional grooming requirements. Anyone who has looked into "Golden Retriever puppies near me" knows that these dogs are prone to developing an odor, particularly if they have longer-than-average coats or spend lots of time in the water.

Other than additional grooming costs, these dogs are relatively low maintenance and are more concerned with their owner's attention than fancy toys, specific environments, or high-cost training.

Finally, health problems are a significant risk as the retriever ages. They are susceptible to cancer, hip dysplasia, and poor dental health. Unfortunately, their lowered average lifespan stems from how common serious health problems are in these dogs.

Find more about this breed in our Ultimate Golden Retriever Puppy Ownership Guide.

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