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Who doesn't love a pup that is full of energy and does great in a family environment? A Beagle is not only known for its excellent hunting skills but its loyalty to family. With its cute, pleading expression, a Beagle will bring much love and fun to any home. Beagle puppies were originally bred to work in packs, so being around company makes them happiest.

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Who doesn't love a pup that is full of energy and does great in a family environment? A Beagle is not only known for its excellent hunting skills but its loyalty to family. With its cute, pleading expression, a Beagle will bring much love and fun to any home. Beagle puppies were originally bred to work in packs, so being around company makes them happiest.

Beagle Puppies for Sale: About the Breed

The Beagle is a small, compact, and hardy dog. These breeds are excellent if you are searching for an active companion for kids and adults. These dogs are fun-loving, merry, and always enjoy spending time with their owners.

Beagles are a type of hound, meaning they can be stubborn. Owners must be patient to do well with these dogs and may need to employ creative training techniques.

If you are interested in "Beagle pups for sale" you should know that they love following new scents and are curious and always excited to try new things.

Searching for "Beagle puppies near me for sale" and finding the right pup will leave you with an active companion that can also serve as the perfect cuddle buddy.


The popularity of the Beagle originates from their soft, pleading expressions combined with their dark brown or hazel eyes. The patchwork of white and varying shades of brown across the body and ears make them among the cutest breeds.

Beagles have three distinct vocalizations, ranging from half-baying howls to outright barks. However, despite their noisy nature, they can be trained through regular attention, exercise, and intelligent use of training.

Be aware that although Beagle puppies can live in confined spaces, noises can be a problem. The vocalizations are one of the leading reasons many Beagles are sent to animal rescue homes by their former owners.

These scent hounds are a balance between a lap dog and a pack dog, but even so, they generally get along with humans and other dogs alike. The energetic nature of the floppy-eared Beagle does not cross the line into rough and tumble play, thus allowing parents to have peace of mind when looking into new pets for their children.

The average lifespan of a Beagle puppy for sale is 12 to 15 years, but it is not uncommon for them to live even longer, assuming they remain free of significant health problems.

Activity Level

If you are looking for "Beagle pups for sale near me," be aware that they are active dogs, generally suited to apartment living due to their small size. They require multiple walks per day or ample space to roam around at home.

Beagles are not for the laidback owner when it comes to exercise. You must give them the time and attention necessary to keep them entertained. A Beagle puppy for sale that has not been adequately exercised will respond through excessive vocalization, digging, and escaping attempts.

The first year is crucial for developing the character of a Beagle. Lack of activity commonly leads to behavioral issues that are tough to break, which could include anxiety and destructive tendencies.


Beagles for sale have grown in popularity because of their easygoing nature with their human friends and other pets. Every Beagle believes new people are automatic best friends, making them suitable for families with young children and multi-pet households.

However, the friendly nature of the Beagle is tempered by its hound lineage. These dogs can be stubborn if something is bothering them or they have not been appropriately trained.

As previously mentioned, such stubbornness can manifest in loud vocalizations that may cause frustration for novice owners.

Loyalty is another aspect of the Beagle that elevates it as one of the top breeds for people to own. It is relatively easy to earn due to the dog's happy-to-lucky nature. However, it can also be easily lost, meaning negative training techniques rarely work on these pets.


Experienced owners claim that it can take up to a year for a Beagle puppy for sale to be housetrained appropriately due to their strong wills and highly determined behavior. Crate training from a young age is crucial to potty training Beagle puppies.

Another consideration when searching for a "Beagle for sale near me" is how much effort goes into the training. Compared to other dogs, such as the Maltese, Schnauzer, or Goldendoodle, these are relatively tricky animals to train.

Beagle puppies for sale are so complicated to train not only because of their natural stubbornness but because of their inquisitive nature. They are often easily distracted the moment they detect a new smell. The 220 million scent glands in their noses make them perfect as scent dogs, but maintaining focus during a training session can be challenging.

Short training sessions over long periods are advised to get the most out of Beagle training. These pets detect frustration easily, and losing one's temper will make them more stubborn during future sessions.

Novice owners are strongly recommended to invest in professional training from a young age to get the best out of any Beagle puppy.


Beagle puppies for sale are not as expensive as many think. When browsing "Beagles for sale near me," Beagles may cost as little as $1,850, but their price can rise higher if they have a prized lineage.

Beagles also live a long time, which can increase the cost. Common health issues that can make Beagles expensive include dwarfism, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and disc problems.

Moreover, you will also need to factor the relatively high cost of training into the equation during your "Beagle puppies for sale near me" search. Only experienced owners are advised to attempt training without the help of a professional due to how difficult they can be to get into shape.

Find more about this breed in our Ultimate Beagle Puppy Ownership Guide.

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