Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know that you are legitimate?

We're #1. Period. We've united millions of happy families and individuals to their healthy lifelong four-legged companion for over 15 years. From our own family members to our closest of friends. The odds are one of your family members or friends was connected to their healthy puppy from our services. In partnership with PetPay, Inc. we've lead the industry in security and fraud prevention from online and in-person scams to deceptive breeding practices. Pawrade exists to provide a personalized trusted service for new puppy parents who may depend on us to deliver. After all we've worked with 135,000 breeders over the past 15 years and can certainly speak towards breeding ethicacy practices from countless breeders. Pawrade has hand-picked and pre-screened only the best of the litter breeders. We're real people, take a minute to meet our team.

Is it safe to order online?

Let us first premise this answer with YES (through us). However, we do NOT condone purchasing puppies online from other sources. Our vast breeder network and history coupled with unparalleled USDA Breeder Screening requirements on top of the ability to purchase your puppy securely through PetPay, Inc.. *The only payment platform accepted by Pawrade.

What's the difference between you and a pet store?

Absolutely pawsitively everything. Please do not buy a puppy from a pet store. We employ a safe harbor for puppies to be protected from puppy mills. #SayNoToMills should be extended to #SayNoToPetStores.

How can I help Pawrade fight scams?

It saddens us every single time someone comes to us asking for help after they lost out on a couple thousand dollars with endless promises of delivery for a puppy that does not exist or has been sold to another buyer without remorse. We have developed many fraud thwarting systems throughout the years to protect you, our customer. Adopting a puppy is an emotional purchase and scam artists know how to prey on that emotion. To help us in this fight, if you or someone you know has been victim of a pet scam, please reach out to us.

Avoid scams, allow us to connect you to a pawsitively pawsome puppy, you know, your next best friend.

Will I be able to visit my puppy or speak to the breeder before my puppy comes home?

Finding a puppy locally used to be an experience where you were limited to the breeds and breeders nearest you regardless of their breeding experience, health standards and quality of bloodlines. Pawrade was designed to connect you with your favorite dog breed no matter where you and the breeder live. If time permits in the adoption process, we'll send you videos of your puppy playing or snuggling. As a result, the first time you'll meet your new best friend in person is when he or she arrives to their furever home with her tail wagging anxious to give wet kisses.

Our process is designed to eliminate all the intimidating unknowns when it comes to adopting a puppy from a breeder you have no history on or working relationship. We work for you.

If you feel it's necessary to speak to the breeder we'll do our best to connect you while accompanied by one of our puppy experts.

Puppy Sales

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including ach and bank transfers. Some puppies may come with an optional payment plan which must be paid in full prior to delivery.

Do you offer discounts?

Various times throughout the year we may run adoption promotions. Text #Pawrade to 1-410-346-2735 to be notified of upcoming promotions.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds as you are agreeing to adopt and care for a living companion. We never pressure you to make an impulse decision. Most puppies have a short period of time to find their furever home. By cancelling your adoption promise you shorten the likelihood your puppy will be able to find a home. We care to only work with pawsome pet parents who can absolutely care for their four legged bundle of joy.