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Our Puppy First Approach

We care. We love our human customers, we love our breeders, we're not brokers (far from it), we're a platform that facilitates a safe, fraud free and humane puppy first adoption. We ensure both parties are protected, enforce their respective obligations equally while pledging to ensure the puppy's well being is front and center.

There's nothing like us! Our program is unique and designed to ensure the livelihood and well being of every puppy is at our fundamental core. This means we take a puppy first approach.

What Does a Puppy First Approach Mean?

Simply put, a puppy first approach means that throughout our process we do whatever it takes to ensure the well being of the puppy is considered above any human's wants, desires or needs even if it causes the human to be slightly inconvenienced. Puppies are living, breathing animals and issues can arise while their fragile immune systems are adapting. A puppy's best interest and livelihood will always come first with our puppy first approach.

After all, what human customer would be happy if their puppy isn't happy? We strive for perfection, we strive for healthy puppies, we strive to facilitate endless smiles, love and companionship. We strive to exceed your expectations but do ask that you understand our protocols are in place for a reason. Read our reviews from real customers and you'll understand and come to appreciate our puppy first approach.

We ask that you understand the depths and success of our program rely solely on ensuring the well-being of each and every puppy without exception, period. We even go one step further by educating every puppy buyer with one on one instruction where you may ask questions on how to properly care for your new puppy upon welcoming her into your home, family.

We love what we do and cannot wait to work with you!