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Our customer's testimonials will tug at your heartstrings and give you a sense of what to expect when you choose us to find your new puppy.


What Makes Pawrade Different? Everything!

We have been committed to connecting caring families and individuals with responsible and reputable breeders.

Health Guarantee

Making the commitment to add a furry friend does not end when you get home. As fellow puppy owners, we know the importance of having a happy and healthy puppy.

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No Puppy Mill Pledge

We have zero tolerance toward puppy mills and pride ourselves in connecting you with honest and reputable breeders where puppies are raised with love and compassion.

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Puppy Travel

No matter where you are located, we will do our best to ensure your puppy has as close to an enjoyable and stress-free experience as possible.

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It's easy and stress-free to locate and bring home your furry friend with us!

Thinking about bringing home a new puppy?

As you dream about all the fun you'll have when bringing home your new puppy, you're filled with excitement and hope…but now what? Here are some factors to consider before a puppy becomes your lifelong companion.

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Thinking about bringing home a new puppy?
Am I ready for a new puppy? 10 Questions to ask yourself

Am I ready for a new puppy? 10 questions to ask yourself

If you've been wondering "Am I ready for a puppy?" you'll need to ask yourself these 10 questions first before plunging into dog ownership. Preparation and knowledge are key components to living a happy life with a puppy.

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Change Lives. Bring Joy. Make Wishes Come True.

Our company is proud to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Through this partnership, we help bring joy and comfort to these brave children by delivering their puppy wishes.

Make a Wish