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Graceful and elegant, the Italian Greyhound is a medium-sized sighthound dog with a sleek coat known for its incredible athletic abilities. Their muscular yet slender bodies are naturally thin and stand 13 to 15 inches at the withers and weigh 7-14 pounds. Italian Greyhounds are intelligent and gentle and will enjoy being your snuggle buddy for their 14-15 year lifespan.

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Graceful and elegant, the Italian Greyhound is a medium-sized sighthound dog with a sleek coat known for its incredible athletic abilities. Their muscular yet slender bodies are naturally thin and stand 13 to 15 inches at the withers and weigh 7-14 pounds. Italian Greyhounds are intelligent and gentle and will enjoy being your snuggle buddy for their 14-15 year lifespan.

Italian Greyhound Puppies for Sale: About the Breed

When looking for "Italian Greyhound puppies for sale near me," you may recognize them as some of the fastest dogs in the world, reaching up to over 20 miles an hour that race around tracks to be the first to catch a rabbit lure. The Italian Greyhound breed was developed over 2,000 years ago in the Mediterranean basin and was a favorite of ancient pharaohs, Italian aristocracy, and Catherine the Great of Russia. Today, they're known for being excellent, loyal, and endearing canine companions.


Italian Greyhounds are recognizable with their barrel chests, concave stomachs, velvety, supple coats, and graceful necks. They have long, fragile legs, tight, muscular bodies, a diminutive build, a low-hanging tail, and elongated paws.

When you are looking for Italian Greyhound puppies for sale, you'll notice they come in all shades of grey, cream, red, silver, blue, fawn, or black, and either solid or with white markings. With their soft, sleek shorthaired coat, Italian Greyhounds get cold easily, so you'll find them lying in warm, cuddly spots. You can even dress them up in fashionable jackets to keep them warm. Italian Greyhounds are also one of the healthiest dog breeds and are generally disease-free.

Activity Level

An Italian Greyhound puppy for sale would do best with an easy-going person with plenty of time dedicated to meeting their high exercise needs, as they are fast, active, and agile. They also have a big playful side, too.

As sprinters and not long-distance runners, Italian Greyhound puppies will frequently get the "zoomies" and zip around in a blur! They have an enormous instinctual prey drive, so they will attack squeaker toys with gusto and dart after things that remind them of small prey. An Italian Greyhound is a fantastic jumper, so it's important to have a tall fence and keep an eye on them when they're outside.

Because they can have big bursts of energy, they are prone to acting before looking and can injure themselves with their reckless actions, especially on uneven ground, leaping off furniture, and playing with larger dogs. It's crucial to give an Italian Greyhound puppy about an hour total of exercise a day, allowing them to dash around in a safe, enclosed area.


If you are searching for an "Italian Greyhound puppy for sale near me," you'll find they have inquisitive, quirky personalities. The Italian Greyhound is an excellent choice for a laid-back, mellow household. Italian Greyhound puppies are very dependent on their family and crave constant companionship, so they're best for families that stick around the house on a regular basis. Italian Greyhounds are described as being a "velcro dog" to their owners to the point of being needy, so it's important to socialize them to foster a bit of independence.

Proper socialization and exposure to regular household noises are also needed for an Italian Greyhound puppy, as they can be somewhat high-strung. They can be reserved and timid with strangers but will warm up over time. Italian Greyhound puppies for sale do better with older children or a household with no children, as they startle easily and can be touch-sensitive.


An Italian Greyhound puppy should be trained at an early age with basic commands. Because they're incredibly sensitive, they need to be trained with a patient, kind training method emphasizing lots of rewards and happy praise. Italian Greyhound puppies can be very stubborn and might not want to go outside to use the restroom in the rain or cold. It may be a good idea to use a designated indoor potty area or outside covered area. Italian Greyhound puppies will find great success in agility and speed work.

Grooming Needs & Care

It's easy to groom an Italian Greyhound's low-shedding, glossy, shorthaired coat, and while they do shed, the hair is nearly imperceptible due to their fine hair. Because they lack a particular protein in their dander and saliva, an Italian Greyhound puppy could be a great choice for a family seeking a hypoallergenic dog. An Italian Greyhound dog is meant to be an indoor dog, so their coat should not get too dirty and will not smell if kept clean.

Regular grooming and bathing are important to maintaining an Italian Greyhound puppy's shiny, healthy skin and coat. Brushing with a mitt or special comb for short hair can encourage natural oil distribution. An Italian Greyhound will need its nails clipped every 2-3 weeks, and walking can naturally help wear down long nails. If you are grooming at home, choose high-quality products meant to achieve a clean, well-kept dog.

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