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The Pug is a dog of descent from the Chinese Empire to the Royalties of Holland. These pups have been loved around the world for their charming, loving, and curious personalities. They grow up to 20 pounds 10 inches, and their coat comes in black, silver or fawn with black markings. They are ideal house dogs good in the city or country or with kids or old folks!

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The Pug is a dog of descent from the Chinese Empire to the Royalties of Holland. These pups have been loved around the world for their charming, loving, and curious personalities. They grow up to 20 pounds 10 inches, and their coat comes in black, silver or fawn with black markings. They are ideal house dogs good in the city or country or with kids or old folks!

Pug Puppies for Sale: About the Breed

The friendly, curious Pug is a big dog trapped in a small dog's body! A Pug puppy for sale is a toy breed perfect for smaller living spaces and adapts well to several living situations. Pugs are small enough not to hurt children but durable and sturdy enough for kids that like to play rough. A Pug puppy is one of the most popular breeds in America, and it's easy to see why. Learn about the characteristics, activity level, disposition, training, grooming, and cost associated with buying a Pug puppy for sale.


Pug puppies for sale are known for their squishy faces, short muzzle, large, sparkling, protruding eyes, wrinkled brow and skin, and short, stout bodies. A Pug puppy for sale will always have a happy smile on its face with its wide mouth and pink tongue sticking out. You may even notice their human-like expressions! Because of potential breathing problems, a Pug needs a temperate climate that is not too hot or cold.

The AKC recognizes three coat colors in Pug puppies: silver, black, and apricot-fawn with a black muzzle or mask. More exotic colors are also bred, including white, brindle, panda, or caramel. Although they don't bark that much, Pugs can be quite loud with their grunts, snorts, and squeaks.

Activity Level

A Pug is a great choice for someone who is low to moderately active. Pug puppies are energetic and adventurous but in short bursts. They don't need more than 30-45 minutes total of exercise a day, and it's important they don't overexert themselves due to potential breathing issues and overheating. Pugs love to eat and can be somewhat lazy, so you need to ensure they get enough regular exercise opportunities to avoid being overweight.


When you're looking at a "Pug puppy for sale near me," you'll discover a Pug is a versatile choice, fitting in with just about every living situation and household demographic. Pug puppies for sale are loyal to the point that the breed is called a "velcro dog" and stays right by your side.

Pug puppies are very devoted and make good guard dogs because they are not timid (nor are they aggressive). Pug puppies are an excellent choice for a family with children. Not only is a Pug extremely friendly, but their mouths are also small enough to where they're not able to bite and nip as much as other breeds. The way to a Pug puppy's heart is with massages, food, and cuddles.


When considering a Pug puppy for sale, the most obvious issue you will encounter when training your new Pug is how stubborn the breed can be! They will turn to comical measures to get what they want. That being said, a Pug puppy really does want to please its people.

The key to training a Pug puppy is to be consistent. They can be naughty sometimes, so try not to laugh when you correct them! Pug puppies can be somewhat sensitive to the tone of someone's voice, so go gentle and exhibit lots of patience.

Keeping training sessions fun, upbeat, and handsomely rewarded with treats and positive reinforcement is a great recipe for success in training a Pug puppy for sale. Use a variety of training methods so they don't become bored. A Pug puppy will do just about anything for a treat!


Even though they're small, you can expect a Pug puppy for sale to shed a lot! They sometimes have a double coat with an undercoat and topcoat, while other Pug puppies have a single coat. A good brushing every few days helps remove trapped hair and dirt and keeps the coat odor-free. You should never shave a Pug puppy, and they don't require regular trips to the groomer. Be sure to regularly clip their nails and clean their ears, eyes, and faces.


If you're searching for "Pug puppies for sale near me," you will notice they come at different price points. A Pup puppy's loyalty, charm, size, and cute looks make them popular pets, so be prepared for the costs associated with a well-known breed. There are several reasons for varying costs including pedigree, color, breeder reputation, registration status, and more.

Like any dog, owning Pug puppies for sale is a lifetime commitment. They live 12-15 years on average, so you'll need to budget the costs of living with a Pug. High-quality food, regular vet visits, and flea, tick, and heartworm prevention are a must. Leashes, collars, training classes, and fun toys will also be items you will need to provide. Pugs are also at higher risk for some health conditions than other breeds because of their anatomies such as respiratory conditions, skin infections, and eye problems, and so be prepared for any unexpected costs that arise.

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