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Meet Tami

Meet a Pawrade Breeder

Justus the French Bulldog

Meet a Pawrade Breeder

Emmy Lou the Teacup Maltese

Benji the Teacup Yorkie

Meet Shana

Meet a Pawrade Breeder

Meet Scott

Maya - Make-A-Wish

Jojo the Bull Mastiff

Charlie the Cavalier King Charles

Percy the Toy Poodle

Arlo the Alaskan Klee Klai

Rascal the Teacup Yorkie

Cocoa the Yorkie

Dallas the Corgi

Yukon the Mini Goldendoodle

Juan - Make-A-Wish

Bodie the Bernedoodle

Meet a Pawrade Breeder

Ariana the Teacup Pomeranian

Charlotte the Teacup Maltese

Zoey - Make-A-Wish

Emery the Shih Tzu

Meet a Pawrade Breeder

Woodrow the Havapoo

Pumpkin the Bich-Poo

Meet Jenny

Kyla - Make-A-Wish