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Prepare for lots of love and joy that are packed in these tiny breed pups. We have rounded up a list of some of the most friendly and "teacup-sized" breeds that don't break the scale.

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Moshe - Poodle, Toy for sale
Mario - Morkie / Yorktese for sale
Cannon - Shih Tzu for sale
Riley - Dachshund, Mini for sale

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Abigail - Frenchton for sale
Tabatha - French Bulldog for sale
Justin - French Bulldog for sale
Teddy - Havanese for sale
Connor - Yorkshire Terrier - Yorkie for sale Teacup
Spike - Shih Tzu for sale
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Pablo - Schnauzer, Miniature for sale
Harvey - Schnauzer, Miniature for sale
Dedee - French Bulldog for sale
Sully - Pug for sale
I am in love with my new puppy and the process was simple and easy!!! Thank you Pawrade, I will be back next year for a playmate!
Sandra H.
Vick - Cavapoo for sale F1B
Hunter - Yorkshire Terrier - Yorkie for sale Champion Bloodlines Teacup
Romeo - Shichon for sale
Verona - Cockapoo for sale F1
Bridget - Dachshund, Mini for sale
Simone - Schnauzer, Miniature for sale
Edna - Dachshund, Mini for sale Mini

Prepare for lots of love and joy that are packed in these tiny breed pups. We have rounded up a list of some of the most friendly and "teacup-sized" breeds that don't break the scale.

Why Get a Small Dog?

The love and companionship of a dog in the family are unmatched. Choosing small breed dogs for sale via adoption or purchase gives you the friend that will always be at your heels or sitting in your lap on a cold winter's night.

Opting for toy dog breeds for sale also opens up the possibility of becoming a dog owner, even if you live in an apartment or have a small yard. Cute, adorable, and fun-loving, start your search for "toy dogs for sale near me" with Pawrade online now.

Small Dogs for Sale: What You Need to Know

Every dog has its own unique personality. It's what makes every pup special. Before considering whether you can care for a small dog this year, make sure you check out what new pets could mean for you.

Below is the Pawrade guide to selecting the right small dogs for sale.

Most Popular Small Dog Breeds

Before you begin finding "small dog breeders near me," you may be looking for some inspiration. If you are unsure which dog is best for your family, here are the most popular small dogs for sale today.

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Browse our marketplace to get the latest information on the dogs available to purchase now and have the peace of mind of knowing that you are getting a healthy pup that's ready to become part of your family.

Find out which dog breeds are available by shopping with Pawrade now.

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