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Best Family Dogs for Sale

Finding the right furever pup to fit with your family is a hard choice to make. Whether you are looking for a small, medium, or large breed, Pawrade has developed a list of dog breeds that will help make your decision easier and keep your family together.

Best Family Dogs for sale
Mercer - Bernedoodle, Mini for sale
Dolly - French Bulldog for sale
Taylor - Goldendoodle, Mini for sale F1BB Mini
Tot - Bichon Frise for sale

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Domingo - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for sale
Annabelle - French Bulldog for sale
Jinx - French Bulldog for sale
Ryan - Poodle, Miniature for sale
Presley - Siberian Husky for sale
Santiago - Goldendoodle for sale F1
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Freya - Bernedoodle for sale F1
Cole - Goldendoodle, Mini for sale F1BB
Nolan - Siberian Husky for sale
Paxton - Bernedoodle, Mini for sale Multi-Gen
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Barbara B.
Manville, RI
Robin - Poodle, Standard for sale Champion Bloodlines
Onyx - Labrador Retriever for sale Champion Bloodlines
Zoie - Goldendoodle, Mini for sale F1 Mini
Elijah - Poodle, Miniature for sale Mini
Michael - Bernedoodle for sale F1B
Lucas - Poodle, Miniature for sale
Arianna - Cocker Spaniel for sale

Finding the right furever pup to fit with your family is a hard choice to make. Whether you are looking for a small, medium, or large breed, Pawrade has developed a list of dog breeds that will help make your decision easier and keep your family together.

Why Buy the Best Family Dog For Sale?

You may be wondering, where can I find the "best family dogs for sale near me?" You've heard that families with children who grow up with a family dog learn how to care for another living creature, have a sense of responsibility, and form close bonds that withstand the test of time.

It's important to think about what the family dog you choose will be like when your kids grow older because raising your dog is also a lifelong commitment. If you're ready to buy a family dog for sale, consider its activity level, size, disposition, training, grooming, and costs when selecting the best family-friendly dog breed for you. We'll even give you some examples of great family dogs for sale to help make your decision a bit easier.

Activity Level

A high-energy dog will need a family to match their daily need for frequent exercise and keep up with their constant desire to play. If your family is fairly sedentary, a high-energy dog might not be the best fit. However, if your family is always on the go and loves to be active outside, a high-energy puppy for sale would be perfect.

A puppy for sale with a medium activity level is just as content getting in their 30 minutes or so of exercise with a play session or short walk outside. They are great family dogs because they are happy doing what their human companions are doing.

A low-energy dog will not need frequent, long exercise sessions, leaving more time to tend to children or do family activities. It will also prefer to stay home and lounge on the couch while the rest of the family explores the new greenway trail.


If you google "Best family dog for sale near me," you'll see a wide range of breed sizes, as there's a dog to fit every family! What you want to consider is how much space you have for both the dog's needs and the rest of your family both inside and outside.

If you live in an apartment or urban setting, a large dog requiring lots of space to roam and exercise several times a day plus a big enough interior space to share with a family may not be the best choice. In that case, choosing a medium or small dog breed would be an excellent choice.

A family living out in the country or suburbs with a fenced-in yard or a home with plenty of sufficient interior space would be a great choice for a large or extra-large family dog breed.


When thinking about buying the best family dog for sale you can find, you can always count on a few characteristics of a dog breed best for families. A great family dog for sale will be loyal, well-mannered, friendly, adaptable, and enjoy being around children.

A good family dog is gentle and understands its role in the family pack. It must be tolerant and very patient with little children learning how to treat a puppy gently. Above all, the best family dog for sale needs to have a highly reliable, predictable personality.

While a family dog can also make a wonderful guard dog, a friendly puppy will be able to quickly recognize welcomed guests and adjust her demeanor accordingly.


A good family puppy for sale will need to have a willingness to learn and a solid level of intelligence. Early socialization is vital in teaching your dog (and children) how to behave around each other. Although some great family dog breeds have a stubborn streak, they can be persuaded with lots of praise and positive reinforcement.

Grooming and Costs

From long, double coats to non-shedding dogs, it's important to think about the amount of time and money your family wants to spend grooming your canine family member.

All dogs will need regular grooming such as baths, dental hygiene, nail trimming, and paying attention to skin and ears.

Some hypoallergenic dogs cost more to groom due to the nature of their coat type and the amount of time for a thorough, proper job. Other breeds will have hair requiring frequent cuts and baths.

When it comes time to go on a family vacation, your puppy won't always be able to travel with you. It's important to find a pet sitter or boarding facility that understands your dog is used to being with your family to provide a great experience that minimizes puppy separation issues.

Every family dog breed for sale features a different set of common health conditions in a specific breed. It's important to know about your breed so you can plan ahead for any preventive or current treatment needed. Always save up for emergency visits to the vet, and you may want to consider pet insurance if it's the right choice for your family.

Most Popular Family Dog Breeds For Sale

Buying a Family Dog For Sale

If you've searched for "Best family dog for sale near me" but aren't getting anywhere, why not let a team of experts help you on your puppy-buying journey? Pawrade has hand-selected trusted, pre-screened breeders of all types of family dog breeds. We'd be delighted to help match your family with the right puppy.

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