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Belgian Tervuren Puppies for Sale

Pawrade connects pawsome people like you with happy, healthy puppies for sale from our respected, prominent breeder relationships we've established over the last 15 years. Join our community of paw lovers across the U.S. from New York City, Washington DC, and Miami to Chicago and Dallas onwards to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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Pawrade connects pawsome people like you with happy, healthy puppies from our respected, prominent breeder relationships we've established over the last 15 years. Join our community of paw lovers across the U.S. from New York City, Washington DC, and Miami to Chicago and Dallas onwards to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Belgian Tervuren Puppies for Sale: About the Breed

This breed originated in the late 19th century. As herding dogs, the Belgian Tervuren was bred based on such traits as temperament, trainability, and intelligence. However, with the popularity of dog shows, breeders produced a breed that retained the original attributes as well as beauty and grace. Belgian Tervurens are well established in the United States, but is still relatively rare.


Elegant in appearance, the Belgian Tervuren is well balanced and is of medium size. They are agile, alert, strong, and possess an inquisitive expression. This breed is graceful and lively in movement, and is capable of working in harsh weather or rough terrain. There are very few breeds that are more physically striking in appearance than the Belgian Tervuren.


Belgian Tervurens are exceedingly loyal and deeply devoted. They thrive on human companionship and need to be an integral part of the family. They must be given loving attention for if they are ignored they will become destructive. The Belgian Tervuren has strong protective and territorial instincts, and is watchful, serious, and smart. They may also be sensitive and shy. They are good with older considerate well-behaved children. Caution and care must be taken when introducing this breed to non-canine pets. They may attempt to dominate other dogs. The Belgian Tervuren generally forms a close attachment with one or two family members. This is a very impressive breed that requires an experienced owner.


The Belgian Tervuren requires daily brushing and combing to prevent tangles and mats. Bathing should be done once a month using a mild shampoo. They can be dry shampooed as necessary. Belgian Tervurens are prone to epilepsy, hip and elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, aggressiveness, and shyness.


The Belgian Tervuren has a double coat that makes them adaptable to extreme climate or temperature. The outer coat consists of long guard hair that is close fitting, abundant, and straight. It is of medium harshness. The under coat is soft and dense. The hair is profuse around the neck, tail, and backs of legs. The Belgian Tervuren's coat is generally a base color ranging from fawn to mahogany, while the guard hairs are tipped in black. This breed darkens as it gets older. They are constant light shedders. Females will shed heavily twice a year, while males shed heavily once a year.


This breed requires extensive and intensive socialization at an early age. They have an inordinate amount of energy and thrive on having something to do. They excel in working and competitive obedience, as well as police and guard work. The Belgian Tervuren will become uncooperative to harsh or overbearing training methods. They must be trained with firmness, fairness, respect, and consistency.


The Belgian Tervuren thrives on vigorous activity. They enjoy agility and play sessions with their family. They are not well suited for sedentary owners or apartment dwelling. Belgian Tervurens prefer a country setting with room to roam, or a home with a large securely fenced yard. They make terrific jogging and hiking companions as well as enthusiastic and trustworthy workers.


60-65 lbs


Male: 24-26; Female: 22-24 inches


Looking for a Belgian Tervuren puppy with a superior lineage? Are you trying to determine how much a Belgian Tervuren with breeding rights and papers would cost? You should expect to pay a premium for a Belgian Tervuren puppy with breeding rights or show quality with papers. You should budget anywhere from $3,550 upwards to $4,925 or even more for Belgian Tervuren puppies for sale with top breed lines and a superior pedigree. The average cost for all Belgian Tervuren puppies for sale is $4,250.

Belgian Tervuren Characteristics

Full-Grown Size
Small Large
Grooming Needs
Seldom Regularly
Good with Dogs
Not Really Yes!
Watchdog Ability
Low High
Exercise Needs
Couch Potato High Needs

Color Variations

Curious about the color palette of Belgian Tervuren puppies? You'll discover a captivating array of hues and patterns that define their distinctive personalities. Below you will find common and rare coat colors for the Belgian Tervuren breed. *Remember, coat colors often change as a puppy grows older and cannot be guaranteed to remain constant.

Name Variations

Searching for common aliases for Belgian Tervuren puppies? Ever wondered what other names people use for this breed? Find your answer to what other people call the Belgian Tervuren by exploring their affectionate nicknames or monikers below. This list will help you in your search for Belgian Shepherd Tervuren puppies and even Tervuren puppies for sale as they relate to the Belgian Tervuren breed.

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