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Bloodhound Puppies for Sale

Bloodhound puppies are a large, powerful breed known for their incredible sense of smell, long ears, and exceptional tracking abilities. They are often used in search and rescue missions and law enforcement work. Bloodhounds are gentle, affectionate, and make loyal companions while requiring patient training due to their independent nature.

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Bloodhound puppies are a large, powerful breed known for their incredible sense of smell, long ears, and exceptional tracking abilities. They are often used in search and rescue missions and law enforcement work. Bloodhounds are gentle, affectionate, and make loyal companions while requiring patient training due to their independent nature.

Bloodhound Puppies For Sale: About the Breed

The Bloodhound's history traces back to ancient times, with roots in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions. Brought to Europe by monks, their exceptional scent tracking abilities made them popular for hunting and search work.

Originally bred for hunting and tracking game, these dogs are now commonly used by law enforcement agencies worldwide to find missing persons and track criminals. They also serve as beloved canine companions to individuals and families. Find out what it's like to own Bloodhound puppies for sale regarding their characteristics, disposition, activity level, training, and grooming & care needs.


This breed has a distinctive appearance with wrinkles on their faces, long ears that help trap scent, and a deep, melodious bark. Bloodhounds will look at you with their distinctive, solemn expression.

Along with their long, drooping ears, a Bloodhound puppy's wrinkles add to its iconic look. Their loose skin folds upon itself around their muzzle and their eyes, creating a sleepy look.

Bloodhound puppies for sale will grow to be big boys and girls, standing 23-27 inches tall and can weigh 100+ pounds. Their long, thin tails can stand up close to a 90-degree angle. Their short, dense coat can come in various colors, such as red, black & tan, and liver & tan.

Activity Level

Always on the go when they pick up a scent trail, Bloodhound puppies for sale are fairly active dogs that need 30-45 minutes of physical activity and mental stimulation every day. Make sure that you only allow your Bloodhound puppy to be off-leash if you have a secure, enclosed area to their running and sniffing delight.

A Bloodhound puppy's curiosity may be disastrous for objects around your house, such as remote controls, shoes, and more, so keep your puppy busy! Because of how much space they need to roam and their hunting instincts, Bloodhound puppies are not recommended for smaller living spaces like apartments.


Bloodhounds are affectionate, gentle, and sociable dogs. As trustworthy gentle giants, they are known for their friendly and easy-going nature, making them wonderful pets for families with children. They do have a stubborn streak and will often follow their own ideas, usually due to picking up a scent and will be persistent in finding the object of interest.


This breed's inquisitive nature will have them curious about the treats you may have in your hand when beginning a training session. They are generally easy to please and enjoy learning new things. Bloodhound puppies are among the top dog breeds for search and rescue and other military and police work, so they can definitely be trained at a very high level.

However, their strong instincts can make training and socialization a challenge. Bloodhound puppy owners will need to work on a strong recall command since their noses will take them wherever the tantalizing scent may be! They also have a bellowing bark, bay, and whine, so training them to control their barking should also be a priority.

Grooming Needs & Care

Grooming Bloodhound puppies for sale is relatively low-maintenance. Their short, dense coat requires occasional brushing to remove loose hair and dirt. Bloodhound puppies for sale are prone to drooling, so it's important to keep their skin folds around their muzzles clean. Regular ear cleaning and nail trimming are essential to maintain their overall hygiene and health.

Bloodhound puppies are prone to certain health issues like hip dysplasia and bloat, requiring regular vet check-ups. A balanced diet rich in nutrients is crucial, but no special food is generally required. With proper care, your Bloodhound puppy can enjoy a long life.


Looking for a Bloodhound puppy with a superior lineage? Are you trying to determine how much a Bloodhound with breeding rights and papers would cost? You should expect to pay a premium for a Bloodhound puppy with breeding rights or show quality with papers. You should budget anywhere from $1,500 upwards to $2,845 or even more for Bloodhound puppies for sale with top breed lines and a superior pedigree. The average cost for all Bloodhound puppies for sale is $1,875.

Bloodhound Characteristics

Full-Grown Size
Small Large
Grooming Needs
Seldom Regularly
Good with Dogs
Not Really Yes!
Watchdog Ability
Low High
Exercise Needs
Couch Potato High Needs

Color Variations

Curious about the color palette of Bloodhound puppies? You'll discover a captivating array of hues and patterns that define their distinctive personalities. Below you will find common and rare coat colors for the Bloodhound breed. *Remember, coat colors often change as a puppy grows older and cannot be guaranteed to remain constant.

Name Variations

Searching for common aliases for Bloodhound puppies? Ever wondered what other names people use for this breed? Find your answer to what other people call the Bloodhound by exploring their affectionate nicknames or monikers below.

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