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Bulldog Puppies for Sale

A Bulldog puppy is a loyal and lovable companion known for its quiet courage. Their wide-set eyes, saggy skin, and distinctive wrinkles create an endearing but gruff expression on their snub-nosed faces, and they have a recognizable short, muscular build. A Bulldog puppy for sale will grow to be 40-50 lbs. and stand 14-15 in. tall, but don't tell them that they are not lap dogs!

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A Bulldog puppy is a loyal and lovable companion known for its quiet courage. Their wide-set eyes, saggy skin, and distinctive wrinkles create an endearing but gruff expression on their snub-nosed faces, and they have a recognizable short, muscular build. A Bulldog puppy for sale will grow to be 40-50 lbs. and stand 14-15 in. tall, but don't tell them that they are not lap dogs!

Bulldog For Sale: About the Breed

Hailing from the British Isles, Bulldog puppies for sale evolved from ancient mastiff breeds and were bred to be fierce contenders in the long-lost blood "sport" called bull-baiting since the 13th century. In addition to bulls, they also fought lions, bears, and other vicious animals.

Fear not, though, as these little fur warriors' historical ferocity has softened over the centuries, turning them into the loyal and affable companions we adore today with no trace of aggression left. In fact, they almost became extinct when England banned bull-baiting in the 19th century.

While the Bulldog may have an unfortunate past as a bull-baiting fighter, Bulldog puppies for sale are a popular dog breed choice today, ranking #6 on the AKC's list of Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2022. It's no wonder several institutions have adopted a Bulldog as a mascot because they represent tenacity, courage, and steadfastness.

See what it's like to be a Bulldog puppy owner and learn about its characteristics, activity level, disposition, training, grooming, and care needs.


When you're searching for "Bulldog puppies for sale near me," you will instantly recognize them because their body shape and face are unmistakable! Bulldogs are known for their distinctive wrinkled faces and muscular build. They flaunt a stocky, compact physique, complete with a wide chest, stubby limbs low to the ground, a big barreled chest, and a delightfully wrinkled, saggy face.

Bulldog puppies for sale can display an array of coat colors. They can be either solid or a combination of colors and markings, including (but not limited to) fawn, black, fallow, red, bronze, white, brindle, and piebald.

A Bulldog's facial expression will make you laugh and wonder if they're perpetually sad at the same time. Their charm lies in their droopy jowls, expressive, round eyes, and that telltale underbite – characteristics that make them undeniably lovable despite their rather stern appearance.

Activity Level

While all dogs need exercise to stay healthy, a Bulldog would like a word about that! As a breed, Bulldog puppies possess relatively low energy levels, meaning daily casual strolls will suffice to cater to their activity needs.

However, overexertion should be avoided, as Bulldog puppies for sale are prone to breathing difficulties due to their brachycephalic nature. Engaging your Bulldog puppy for sale in moderate physical activities keeps their joints flexible and maintains an ideal weight, ensuring a happier and healthier furry companion.


Despite their sometimes gruff appearance, Bulldog puppies for sale are generally good-natured and loving dogs that make great companions for families with or without children. Bulldog puppies are typically friendly and calm towards their owners but can be stubborn and independent at times. They have a gentle and affectionate disposition, making them excellent family pets. Bulldog puppies for sale enjoy spending time with their human family.


Training a Bulldog puppy for sale can be a fulfilling experience when approached with patience and consistency. These sturdy, friendly canines can be known for their determination and strong personalities. Bulldogs can also be known for being stubborn and can be a challenge to train, so plenty of repetition and patience will be needed!

To ensure success, start by reinforcing basic commands like sit, stay, and heel, using positive reinforcement such as treats and praise. Establish a daily routine for exercise and mental stimulation, and always remember that early socialization is vital in shaping well-behaved Bulldogs.

Grooming Needs & Care

Googling "Bulldog puppies for sale near me" will show you a variety of coat colors for a Bulldog puppy, all with short, sleek hair. Just because their hair isn't fluffy doesn't mean it is low-shedding. Bulldog puppies for sale are average shedders, and their hairs will be more noticeable on dark clothing and upholstery.

Keeping dead hairs and debris out of a Bulldog puppy's coat is easy by using a slicker brush a few times a week and bathing them when they start to get a little stinky. Brushing their coat can help distribute natural oils and allow you to check their skin for any infections, as they are sometimes prone to get. You'll definitely want to stay on top of cleaning the drool from in between those skin folds around their mouth. As with all dog breeds, regular nail trimming and dental care will keep your Bulldog pup in great shape.


Bulldogs are brachycephalic dogs, which means they have a flat face and short snout resulting in constriction of the nostrils, a sensitive gag reflex, an elongated soft palate, and a small windpipe.

Their facial features may be cute, but if left unmonitored, Bulldog puppies for sale can develop health issues caused by the shape of those adorable faces. Bulldogs are notorious snorers, noisy breathers, and play the trumpet from the other end if you know what we mean! They also have trouble breathing when they get too hot and can get overheated easily. Lastly, it's best to keep your Bulldog puppy for sale on a high-quality nutritious diet, since being overweight can exacerbate any breathing problems.

Under the guidance of a licensed veterinarian who understands the ins and outs of the breed, your Bulldog puppy for sale can grow to enjoy a life expectancy of 8-10 years.


Looking for a Bulldog puppy with a superior lineage? Are you trying to determine how much a Bulldog with breeding rights and papers would cost? You should expect to pay a premium price for a Bulldog puppy with breeding rights or show quality with papers. You should budget anywhere from $1,500 upwards to $16,925 or even more for Bulldog puppies for sale with top breed lines and a superior pedigree. The average cost for all Bulldog puppies for sale is $4,540.

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Bulldog Characteristics

Full-Grown Size
Small Large
Grooming Needs
Seldom Regularly
Good with Dogs
Not Really Yes!
Watchdog Ability
Low High
Exercise Needs
Couch Potato High Needs

Color Variations

Curious about the color palette of Bulldog puppies? You'll discover a captivating array of hues and patterns that define their distinctive personalities. Below you will find common and rare coat colors for the Bulldog breed. *Remember, coat colors often change as a puppy grows older and cannot be guaranteed to remain constant.

Name Variations

Searching for common aliases for Bulldog puppies? Ever wondered what other names people use for this breed? Find your answer to what other people call the Bulldog by exploring their affectionate nicknames or monikers below. This list will help you in your search for British Bulldog puppies and even Bulldogge puppies for sale as they relate to the Bulldog breed.

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