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Peter Corso

Customer Experience Lead

I have worked with Pawrade for 3 years helping families find their perfect furbaby. I have dedicated myself from start to finish, assisting people in finding and adopting their puppy and even delivering the puppy to their door! Check out our videos, blogs, and social media content to see my heart pour out!

My Recent Posts

20 minute read
October 24, 2023 Tips & Trends

Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs

What are the best dog Halloween costumes? The internet offers so many intriguing ideas for dog costumes these days and Pawrade put together a list of the best costumes for dogs based on their breed. Pawrade gives you dog costume ideas for your pet. Dress up your dog in a costume perfect for its breed. Come up with dog and owner Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating.

A Labrador Retriever looks on as a person meditates 10 minute read
June 15, 2023 Tips & Trends

What You Don't Know About The Healing Abilities Of Dogs

The joy and therapy found in companionship with a puppy make it hard to be stressed out. Numerous studies have shown that interacting with dogs can reduce cortisol levels, dogs can lower blood pressure, and dogs can release endorphins, leading to improved overall health.