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Bordoodle Puppies for Sale

A Bordoodle puppy is a combination of the top 2 of the world’s smartest dogs: The Border Collie and the Poodle. Incredibly active and athletic, Bordoodles will need lots of physical exercise and mental stimulation every day. Their low-to-no-shedding coats are great for families with allergies. Bordoodle puppies for sale are smart and playful and make wonderful pets for active people.

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A Bordoodle puppy is a combination of the top 2 of the world’s smartest dogs: The Border Collie and the Poodle. Incredibly active and athletic, Bordoodles will need lots of physical exercise and mental stimulation every day. Their low-to-no-shedding coats are great for families with allergies. Bordoodle puppies for sale are smart and playful and make wonderful pets for active people.

Bordoodle Puppies for Sale: About the Breed

What do you get when you cross two of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world?

A Bordoodle!

Bordoodle puppies for sale are the result of a cross between a Border Collie and a Poodle. They can also be a backcross of a Bordoodle to a parent breed or two Bordoodles bred together. These puppies are also known as Borderpoos or Borderdoodles.

Bordoodles are sociable, active dogs that love being with their people. Find out what it's like to live with Bordoodle puppies for sale to see if this hybrid dog breed is right for you and your family.


If you wonder, "How big will Bordoodle puppies for sale near me grow to be?" you can determine a weight range by looking at the size of the parents. Bordoodle puppies for sale can weigh 35-65 lbs. and stand 12-22 in. tall.

Bordoodles come in a dizzying array of colors and patterns thanks to the genetic rainbow of possibilities. Most people picture a Border Collie to be black and white, but they actually come in 20 colors and combinations including sable, red, blue, merle, and even lilac and gold. They can have various points and markings as well. Poodles also have an incredible range of colors like cafe au lait, gray, silver, beige, and blue along with various patterns like brindle, tuxedo, and parti.

Depending on genetics, a Bordoodle puppy for sale can take on more characteristics of one parent over the other. This means even puppies from the same litter can differ in appearance.

Activity Level

As Border Collies are herders by nature and Poodles are elegant athletes, Bordoodle puppies for sale are high-energy dogs that will need to be exercised properly, both physically and mentally. Aim for at least 45-60 minutes a day to allow your Bordoodle puppy to work their brain and body.

Bordoodle puppies for sale love going on walks, playing fetch, solving interactive puzzle toys, visiting dog parks, exploring nature in secured, enclosed areas, swimming, dog sports, and more.


Bordoodle puppies are great family dogs because they are affectionate, loyal, and friendly. They are always ready for a fun time and will expect you to play with them to join in on the joy of life. Bordoodle puppies for sale get along well with children and other dogs and pets. They also love to cuddle after a long day of playing.


With both parent breeds topping the charts on the smart factor, training Bordoodle puppies for sale can be an extremely rewarding experience. They are sharp, obedient – and sometimes one step ahead of you. They will catch on quickly but can be a bit stubborn at times. Patience and consistency are key.

As these dogs have very active minds plus incredible athleticism, so look into fun activities beyond basic obedience training. Dog sports through local and national organizations hold classes and events in rally, agility, flyball, dock diving, and more.

Grooming Needs & Care

A Bordoodle puppy's coat is considered hypoallergenic thanks to its Poodle side. There's no guarantee it will be tight and curly like a Poodle's though and can be wavy or long and have other textures.

Bordoodle puppies for sale will need regular haircuts at the groomer. Maintaining a schedule and brushing a few times a week in between visits will prevent mats, remove dirt, and keep the coat nice and healthy.

Their eyes and ears should be inspected for infections and cleaned regularly. Trimming a Bordoodle's nails will help prevent painful paw problems, and keeping up with dental care will keep their mouths healthy.

Bordoodles can live for over 10 years, so be prepared to care for your puppy for the duration of its lifetime. A high-quality diet will keep them healthy and prevent obesity. While both parent breeds are relatively healthy, Bordoodle puppies for sale may grow up to experience some health issues. Hip and elbow dysplasia, Addison's disease, bloat, and ear issues can arise. Be sure to take your Bordoodle puppy to the vet on a regular schedule and use preventative flea, tick, and heartworm medication.


Looking for a Bordoodle puppy with a superior lineage? Are you trying to determine how much a Bordoodle with breeding rights and papers would cost? You should expect to pay a premium price for a Bordoodle puppy with breeding rights or show quality with papers. You should budget anywhere from $1,500 upwards to $5,075 or even more for Bordoodle puppies for sale with top breed lines and a superior pedigree. The average cost for all Bordoodle puppies for sale is $2,115.

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Bordoodle Characteristics

Full-Grown Size
Small Large
Grooming Needs
Seldom Regularly
Good with Dogs
Not Really Yes!
Watchdog Ability
Low High
Exercise Needs
Couch Potato High Needs

Color Variations

Curious about the color palette of Bordoodle puppies? You'll discover a captivating array of hues and patterns that define their distinctive personalities. Below you will find common and rare coat colors for the Bordoodle breed. *Remember, coat colors often change as a puppy grows older and cannot be guaranteed to remain constant.

Name Variations

Searching for common aliases for Bordoodle puppies? Ever wondered what other names people use for this breed? Find your answer to what other people call the Bordoodle by exploring their affectionate nicknames or monikers below. This list will help you in your search for Border Collie Poodle Mix puppies and even Borderdoodle puppies for sale as they relate to the Bordoodle breed.

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