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April 19, 2023

A Beagle puppy for sale romps around in the grass

If you're looking for a fun-loving, adorable, and adventurous furry friend, look no further than the Beagle breed! These little guys are known for their signature floppy ears, big brown eyes, and wagging tails that never seem to stop. 

Beagles are small-to-medium-sized dogs that were originally bred for hunting, but they have also become popular as family pets because of their playful and friendly nature. Beagles are incredibly social dogs and love to be around people and other animals. They love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors, sniffing out new scents, and making new friends along the way.

Whether you're looking for a loyal companion or a hiking buddy, the Beagle is the perfect addition to any family. Find out what it’s like to own Beagle puppies for sale with our comprehensive Beagle puppy ownership guide.

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What is the History and Origin of a Beagle Puppy For Sale? 

When searching for a “Beagle puppy for sale near me” you may think of images of men on horseback blowing a bugle surrounded by a pack of Beagles ready to pick up a stag’s scent. The Beagle has been a beloved companion to humans since before medieval times and is a result of a mix of several different hounds bred over the centuries, including the St. Hubert Hound, the Talbot Hound, the Greyhound, the Northern Country Beagle Hound, and the Southern Hound, which modern-day Beagles are thought to mostly derive from. 

William the Conqueror is thought to have brought the first Talbot Hound to England, and from there, the crossbreeding began to create a small-to-medium-sized dog to hunt hares, rabbits, deer, foxes, and other small creatures thanks to their powerful noses, incredible stamina, and prey drive. 

Popular among royals, a smaller variety of now extinct Beagles included Glove Beagles and Pocket Beagles. These tiny Beagles really did fit into pockets and accompanied aristocracy on hunts. In fact, they were a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I! 

In the 1830s, a man named Reverend Phillip Honeywood developed a pack of Beagles that is thought to be the first pack in England combining mostly the Northern Country Beagle Hound with the Southern Hound. Thomas Johnson then developed a smooth-coated and a rough-coated Beagle (which is now extinct), further refining the Beagle breed. Alongside Foxhounds, the Beagle quickly became a preferred scenthound breed for aristocrats and the wealthy to take along on hunts.

Miss P the Beagle beat out over 2,700 competitors to win 2015 Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show

Are Beagle Puppies For Sale Popular Dogs? 

You might not have even realized it, but one of the most popular dogs in the world (real or not) is a Beagle! Have you guessed yet? It’s Snoopy! Even though Snoopy is black and white and not the tricolor we are normally used to with Beagle coloring, Snoopy is one of the most beloved dogs in modern history. Another popular Beagle is Odie from Garfield. 

Former US President Lyndon B. Johnson had several Beagles during his time in the White House, some of which were named “Him” and “Her.” Captain Jonathan Archer enjoyed the companionship of Porthos the Beagle in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Today, Beagle puppies for sale are one of the most popular dog breeds adopted through Pawrade, and it’s easy to see why. According to the AKC’s Most Popular Dog Breed List for 2022, Beagles make the Top 10 coming in at #8. Several Beagle clubs and organizations exist to protect breed standards and share with the world how wonderful the Beagle breed is. In fact, Beagles have won the coveted Silver Bowl for Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show in both 2008 (Uno) and 2015 (Miss P).

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What Does a Beagle Puppy For Sale Look Like? 

Beagle puppies for sale will grow to be small-to-medium-sized dogs, typically weighing between 20-30 pounds. Despite their small size, they fill up their 13-15 inch-tall sturdy, muscular frames. While Beagles do come in two recognized sizes, most Beagles fall within the aforementioned size and only differ by a few pounds and inches.

A Beagle puppy for sale features velvety, floppy ears framing a slightly domed skull. Their athletic bodies feature a deep, broad chest – the perfect size to take a deep breath when getting ready to bay, bark, or howl! They carry their tails up high and have a happy, purposeful trot. 

While you can tell a Beagle by its distinctive floppy ears and tail carried high, there is actually quite a bit of variety when it comes to these sweet babies’ appearance. 

Coat combinations

If you’ve been searching for “Beagle puppies for sale near me,” you’ll notice they aren’t all just the tricolor look we assume. While a tricolor coat with black, white, and tan is one of the most popular Beagle puppy colorings, scrolling through Pawrade Beagle puppies for sale will show you the vast array of Beagle coat colors. 

The AKC recognizes a huge variety of Beagle colors: 25, that is, and 6 different markings. That’s a lot of coat combinations! No two Beagles have the exact same coat pattern, making each one truly unique. Some of the colors featured in Beagle puppies for sale’s coats are: 

  • Black
  • White
  • Tan
  • Lemon
  • Blue
  • Black Tan
  • Black Fawn
  • Fawn
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Blue tick
  • Red tick

What are the rarest Beagle puppy colors? 

The rarest Beagle puppy colors are blue tick, red tick, and solid white. Most breeders will not breed solid-colored Beagles because they do not adhere to kennel club standards, but that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the Beagle puppies for sale themselves. 

Beagle puppies for sale can change colors

Did you know that Beagle puppies for sale are not born the color they will be as adults? In fact, Beagle puppies changing colors as they grow is a perfectly normal process. 

Most Beagle puppies are born black and white. Over time, the black usually fades to brown, and their colors and patterns emerge as puppy fur is shed and adult fur grows in. 

Floppy ears are more than just cute

Beagle puppies for sale are known for their adorable floppy ears that hang down the sides of their faces, but did you know that those ears actually serve a purpose? They help to trap scents and funnel them toward the Beagle's nose. Their ears can also reach the end of their noses when you hold out the length of their ears. 

Those soulful eyes will get you every time

The eyes of a Beagle are beautiful, especially when they look into yours with their soulful, knowing expression. However, you may think they look sad. Just because they look mopey or melancholy does not mean they actually are! Their ears aren’t their only floppy feature – a Beagle puppy for sale has droopy, floppy eyelids, lips, and faces that contribute to their doleful look. Let’s admit it – that woe-is-me glance sure does wonders when wanting a treat though! 

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Interesting Beagle Facts From Beagle Owners 

Beagle puppies for sale are extremely endearing, and they definitely have some fun facts and quirks Beagle puppy owners will want you to know about when looking for a Beagle to join your household.

Children love Beagles and vice versa

Kids and Beagles go together like peas and carrots (which a Beagle will happily gobble up)! Beagles are happy-go-lucky, inquisitive, energetic, and lively companions for children sharing the same traits. They’re affectionate and make excellent playmates. 

However, having very young children and a Beagle puppy may be a bit overwhelming due to the attention demands all around. Your Beagle may become annoyed with small children who don’t know “gentle touch.” Beagles like to jump, so always monitor a Beagle puppy around young children. 

Overall, Beagles can go with the flow in chaotic environments, but don’t be surprised if they join in on the crying or screaming with their loud howling resulting in a symphony for all! Their affectionate licks and snuggles will quiet down an upset child in no time.

A Beagle or a goat? 

Just like goats, Beagle puppies absolutely love food – and anything is fair game! Their delicious, nutritious puppy food will not satisfy their palate. They also enjoy people food, so don’t leave out anything you don’t want your Beagle stealing, as not all foods are safe for puppies! They also have an affinity for rooting through trash t find a snack, so keep your garbage can in a secure location. You can make their meals more interesting by adding a bit of puppy-safe veggies, fruits, or other foods. 

Beagles need LOTS of attention

As mentioned, a Beagle loves being with their people, so much so that they do have problems being separated for long periods of time. Beagles require lots and lots of individual attention, both when playing and training. You can bond with your Beagle with puppy massages, exploring a new trail, and other ways of showing gratitude to your puppy.

Beagles can experience severe separation anxiety, leading to undesirable behaviors like excessive barking and chewing. If you leave the home for 8-9 hours a day, a Beagle might not be the best choice for you because they don’t do well being left alone for long periods of time. However, you can train your Beagle to be away from you with consistency. 

Beagles are low-maintenance companions

While Beagles do need lots of attention, you’ll be happy to know that Beagle puppies for sale remain a low-maintenance dog breed throughout their lifetime. Their short, waterproof single-haired coat does shed, so make sure you brush them weekly to remove debris and keep their coat shiny. Beagles don’t need baths too often unless they get their little paws muddy in between their regular bath time of every few months. 

One thing you’ll need to make sure you take care of is a Beagle’s floppy ears. The only thing you want trapped in a Beagle’s ear is the scent they’re trying to pick up! Their droopy ears can easily be a warm, moist environment for bacteria and yeast to grow. 

It’s best to always keep them on a leash

Beagles are very curious dogs and love to explore their surroundings. They have a tendency to follow their noses and can easily get distracted by interesting scents. Due to their hunting instincts, even the best-trained Beagle can bolt after a scent in a flash. You can’t really trust a scent hound to come back when called. 

For this reason, only let your Beagle off its leash in a secure, fenced-in area. Make sure the fence is tall enough and doesn’t have holes dug out around it for them to jump over or slip through. You can bring your socialized, fully vaccinated Beagle to dog parks for some fun. 

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Beagles have a full social calendar

Beagles are an extremely social dog breed. They are confident and will make friends at the dog park with both pups and humans. One fun fact is they get along really well with other animals in the household, but we can’t guarantee your cat will be up for Beagle snuggles! Try having a doggy playdate in a secure, fenced-in area and throw a dog party for some fun social interaction.

However, they may not be great with ALL pets. Avoid rabbits and small pets like gerbils. Even though they don’t have a huge prey drive compared to other hunting dogs, they still have natural instincts.

Your Beagle puppy is your long-term buddy

Beagles can live 10-15 years, so your Beagle puppy for sale will be your buddy for its long life. It’s important to keep up to date on vaccinations and veterinary visits to ensure a long life. 

A Beagle loves to play

A Beagle puppy for sale is an active, energetic dog! They absolutely love to play! A Beagle will need around 45 minutes of activity a day. You can get those minutes by doing lots of fun things that include both physical and mental stimulation. A flirt pole will let them chase “prey,” and playing tug of war with your puppy is a great game that won’t make them aggressive. Beagles excel at agility and fieldwork, too. 

Durable chew toys with a treat, like a Kong stuffed with frozen peanut butter, will be a fun way to keep your Beagle puppy busy. Whether you buy specialty items or make your own DIY mentally stimulating puppy toys and games, make sure you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve. 

Have fun with scent games

Put a Beagle puppy’s nose to work with a variety of fun games! One fun thing to do is to go on plenty of scent walks. Using a long leash, allow your Beagle puppy to sniff around without an agenda. They love it when you play hide-and-seek with treats around the house or tracking games.

They can be your shadow

Beagles are as sweet as can be, and they want to be right by your side. Just call them the Velcro dogs of the canine world! Your Beagle puppy for sale will practically trip over its own ears just to be near you. They’re just as happy going on a walk with you as they are making a cuddle nest of soft blankets next to you on the couch for movie night. For this reason, never leave your Beagle outside on a tie-out or let them live in a kennel outside.

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Training a Beagle Puppy For Sale

When you’re considering a Beagle puppy for sale, you may be wondering how difficult it is to train a Beagle. We want to say it’s easy, but we’d be leading you on. However, with the right mindset and consistency, training a Beagle puppy can be rewarding for both pup and Beagle owner. Lots of these “problems” are really just natural instincts for them, so they just need to be redirected and taught our human expectations. This is why it’s so important to understand the Beagle breed before buying one on a whim. 

Patience & consistency is key

Training a Beagle puppy for sale does not stop at puppy kindergarten. Training should be a consistent presence throughout your Beagle’s life. It can take a long time, even up to a year, to fully train a Beagle puppy to be a well-rounded canine citizen. Training needs to be ongoing to keep the skills learned fresh and reinforce your expectations.

Beagles can be extremely stubborn

A Beagle puppy for sale is bred to be independent but to also work with humans, so you have to have a strong bond to have them want to listen to you. Mixed with the inclination to pick up a scent and get distracted, it can be quite an interesting combination! 

No matter how cute they look or a glance at their puppy dog faces, you shouldn’t respond to bad behavior because any response is seen as a reward of attention from you. They also have a mischievous and naughty side to them, so be prepared for their shenanigans!

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Beagles will tell you all about it

One of the most distinct aspects of the Beagle breed is their unique ways of vocalizing their feelings. A Beagle makes a series of noises including loud barking, howling, baying, whining, and crying. A bay is a long, drawn-out bark that they use to communicate with their owners and other dogs. It is even said that their baying can be heard up to 1.5 miles away - talk about a set of pipes! 

Because they are so vocal, keep in mind that this breed is not the best breed suitable for apartments or living in close proximity to neighbors. Beagles do not care about posted community quiet hours, and you may experience encounters with neighbors who are not happy about it. Beagles make loud noises when they’re excited, bored, separated from their humans, catch a scent, or for a whole slew of other reasons. Make sure to check your lease for allowable breeds and have a plan for how you are going to train your Beagle not to bark as much as you can.

No leash-pulling, please

Beagle owners will be the first to tell you that they can pull hard on leashes. Due to their natural instincts of curiosity and prey drive, Beagles can want to take off after a scent or show their independence. If they pull on a leash, stop walking and employ other leash-walking training techniques until they learn how to heel.

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Beagles love to chew and play bite 

Like all puppies, Beagles are big chewers and continue to be throughout their lives. It’s up to you to cater to this natural trait by teaching your puppy what is an allowable chew toy and what is off-limits, such as furniture and shoes. 

A Beagle puppy’s play bite and nips may be cute when they’re puppies, but you will need to control that habit before they become adults. There is nothing cute about a grown Beagle gnawing on your arm! Consider using a crate with special chew toys for when they start to get mouthy. 

Be careful when using food as a reward

Beagle puppies for sale are extremely motivated by anything edible, so you do have that going for you even if they are stubborn little pups. However, be sure to switch up your rewards for a few reasons: they can get bored and stop working for treats, or you can accidentally make them overweight, leading to health problems. 

Specialized training opportunities

Beagles who have the basics down consistently and prove they do well around humans and other animals may want to be candidates for other training opportunities. Special training to become a dog with a job or to participate in dog sports like agility will keep a Beagle busy and mentally stimulated. Even highly trained Mia the Beagle seems to forget mid-run that she’s in an agility competition!

Jumping Jehoshaphat! 

Beagles are so friendly and can get very excited when meeting new people that they’ll want to jump up to say hello. They also jump when they want something in your hand. You’ll need to train your Beagle puppy not to jump on humans and visitors. They could knock over kids and get muddy paws on your guests! Teach your Beagle puppy to sit for a treat before opening the door and to not jump by immediately turning the other way. You’ll have a well-behaved Beagle ready for dinner parties in no time!

They love to dig 

While some people think of a Beagle digging as automatic undesirable behavior, hear us out – humans bred Beagles to serve as hunters and prey trackers, so digging is what we wanted them to do at one point in a Beagle’s origin. Because of their instincts, Beagles love to dig in the yard. When they catch a whiff of potential prey, they may be trying to dig out the scent. They can also dig to create a cool spot in the yard on warm days. 

Try redirecting your Beagle to a special “dig box” created as the place where your Beagle puppy is allowed to dig for bones and other buried treasures. They’ll even use their mouths and nose to find the treasure or explore where a small animal has been. 

What is So Special about a Beagle’s Sense of Smell? 

Did you know that a human’s nose has an estimated 5 million scent receptors located at the back of the nose, while a Beagle has around 22 million scent receptors located all up and down the nostrils with bigger scent nerves? That’s a whole lot more than a human, that’s for sure!

Beagles can also remember scents like a computer, file them away, and retrieve them long after the first encounter. Having a “scent memory” serves them well in not only hunting, but a variety of situations. It is even said that a Beagle’s sense of smell is so sensitive that it can detect a drop of blood in 12 gallons of water. Read below to see how a Beagle can use its magical nose for good. 

Beagles with Jobs

Did you know that Beagle puppies for sale do more than just hunt and provide love to their families? Beagles can also be dogs with jobs by putting that amazing nose to work. Here are some ways Beagles can serve humans. 

Invasive species and contraband detector

Did you know Beagles have government jobs? The United States Department of Agriculture employs Beagles in their Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for detecting invasive vegetation, animal, reptile, and insect species as well as contraband food items in luggage. They can stay calm in busy, loud places like ports and airport crowds. 

Drug and explosives sniffer

While you may think of a police or military dog as being a German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, or Labrador Retriever, Beagles are rising in popularity as excellent additions to K9 divisions. They are efficient when detecting illegal drugs, explosives, and helping to keep the general population safer. 

beaglesandr (1).webp

Search and rescue

Beagles have been used as search and rescue teams for missing people, especially after natural disasters. Their small size makes them perfect for exploring pockets in rubble, rock, damaged buildings, and other tight spaces. In fact, a Beagle was credited as rescuing a hotel owner alive trapped for 100 hours in the rubble from the 2010 Haiti earthquake! 

Termite exterminator assistant

While Beagles themselves do not destroy termites, exterminators can employ them to sniff out the destructive winged insects that will decimate a home in record time. It is said that a Beagle is three times more effective than utilizing the services of a human when detecting termites in homes and other buildings.  

Emotional support and comfort therapy dogs 

Because Beagle puppies for sale form strong bonds with their owners and prefer to be around humans, a Beagle is an excellent choice for both emotional support animals (ESAs) and comfort therapy dogs. Their small size and love of traveling and meeting new people make them suitable for a variety of situations.

Medical assistants

Thanks to their incredible sense of smell, Beagles serve vital purposes in medical settings. How, you may ask? Well, they can use their noses to detect cancerous cells, low blood sugar, impending seizures, and more thanks to changes in body chemistry, hormones, sweat, and other factors. 

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What Does Responsible Beagle Breeding Look Like? 

A responsible Beagle breeder should prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs above all else. They should only breed dogs with a clean bill of health and without any genetic defects. Beagle breeders should also provide adequate care and socialization for their puppies, including early veterinary checkups and appropriate vaccinations. 

A responsible breeder should ensure that their puppies go to loving, responsible homes and provide ongoing support to the new owners. They should also be knowledgeable about the Beagle breed, willing to answer questions, and provide guidance throughout the dog's life. Finally, a responsible breeder should never overbreed their dogs or engage in puppy mills or other unethical breeding practices.

Buy a Beagle Puppy For Sale From Pawrade

If you’re thinking, “A Beagle is definitely the right dog breed for me! Where can I get a Beagle puppy for sale?” then you have come to the right place! At Pawrade, we’ve done all the hard work of screening trustworthy Beagle breeders for you!

All of our Beagle breeder partners have passed our rigorous selection process and offer happy, healthy puppies to potential pawrents just like you, and all of our Beagle puppies come with a comprehensive 3-year health guarantee.

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