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Lucy Hughes has been teaching and writing professionally for half her life. She has a passion for helping people choose a puppy and lead an exciting life with their new furry companion. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and her beloved Golden Retriever, Bowie.

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2 kids are happy to see a puppy jump out of a wrapped gift box at Christmas 6 minute read
December 04, 2022 New Puppy

4 Creative Ways to Surprise Someone with a Puppy

Surprising a loved one with a puppy can be one of the best presents they’ve ever received. However, you should consider some factors first. Surprise someone with a new puppy in 4 clever ways for the most memorable holiday ever!

A woman sits cross-legged on a couch with a computer in her lap holding her French Bulldog's chin 6 minute read
November 28, 2022 Pawrade Cares

The Importance of Pawrade Customer Reviews

You’re ready to buy a puppy, but what next? As a potential puppy parent, you may be wondering what it’s like to adopt a puppy from Pawrade. Our Pawrade reviews can help answer any questions & learn about other people’s experiences.

2 dogs and a cat pose in front of a Christmas tree 7 minute read
November 26, 2022 Tips & Trends

Enjoy the Holiday Season With Your Pets

Being able to spend time with family, friends, and furry pals is a great way to end the 2022 year and ring in the next. Follow these tips and tricks to make sure your pet is as ready for the holiday season as you are!

Three dogs are seated and dressed in office attire 13 minute read
November 21, 2022 Tips & Trends

The Dos and Don'ts of Bringing Your Dog to Work

How exciting – Your coworkers and Human Resources have indicated they are open to employees bringing their dogs to work! Learn the dos and don’ts of bringing your dog to work to make it a successful experience for everyone.

Four different-colored puppies resting in one dog bed 12 minute read
November 14, 2022 Wellness

Common Puppy Illnesses You Should Know About

Protecting your puppy and its well-being is the #1 priority. Recognizing symptoms of the most common puppy illnesses and how to prevent them from happening in the first place will keep your puppy happy & healthy for years to come.

A Bernese Mountain Dog sits on its haunches and puts its paws on another seated dog's back 10 minute read
November 12, 2022 Behavior & Training

9 Fun Dog Tricks to Impress Your Guests

Having friends and family over can be really fun, but it’s even better if your dog knows some fun tricks to impress your guests in addition to basic training commands. Learn how to teach your puppy 9 fun dog tricks.