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Lucy Hughes has been teaching and writing professionally for half her life. She has a passion for helping people choose a puppy and lead an exciting life with their new furry companion. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and her beloved Golden Retriever, Bowie.

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a crouching woman holds up a treat above a beagle standing on its back legs outside 10 minute read
June 01, 2023 Tips & Trends

Create a Daily Routine with a Puppy Schedule

By providing structure and consistency, developing a puppy schedule sets the foundation for a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted adult dog. Find out why puppies need a daily schedule and how to establish a routine for your puppy with our tips.

a fluffy white dog is scanned with a microchip scanner 7 minute read
May 25, 2023 Wellness

A Comprehensive Guide to Microchipping Your Puppy

A lost puppy is a traumatic event, but you can increase chances of a reunion by microchipping your puppy. Discover what exactly a microchip is, how they work, common concerns, and what to do if you find a lost dog.

A Chow Chow puppy scratches his right cheek with his back right hindleg 11 minute read
May 15, 2023 Wellness

A Guide to Puppy Flea Prevention & Treatment

A flea infestation is among the top most worrying situations puppy owners face. Learning how to recognize, prevent, and treat flea infestations is the key to keeping your puppy protected from fleas.