The Ultimate Maltipoo Puppy Ownership Guide

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September 01, 2023

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Also written as a Malt-a-poo, Malti-Poo, Moodle, Malipoo, or Malti Poo, Maltipoo puppies for sale are active little fluffballs that are just happy to be right by your side. A Maltipoo is a combination of a Maltese and typically a Toy or Miniature Poodle bred to inherit the best traits of each parent breed. Maltipoos can also be bred together to create multigenerational Maltipoo puppies. 

Maltipoo puppies for sale are excellent choices for first-time dog owners looking for a portable, hypoallergenic lively companion dog. Learn about Maltipoo puppies for sale with our ultimate Maltipoo puppy ownership guide. 


Hybrid or Mutt? 

Maltipoo puppies for sale are considered hybrid, designer, or crossbreeds rather than called a mixed breed or mutt to indicate they were bred for a specific purpose. 

Mixed breeds have been around for thousands of years, but Maltipoos appeared in the 1990s when breeders wanted to create a friendly, tiny companion dog that was great for people suffering from allergies.  

As these are hybrid dogs, there is no set dog breed standard available through purebred kennel clubs, and you will not be able to show your Maltipoo puppy in AKC competitions. 

However, certain dog clubs do welcome Maltipoos for registration and papers and work to promote a general breed standard. While not a comprehensive list, the following dog breed clubs do accept Maltipoo puppies to be registered: 

As with any designer doodle mix, Maltipoos will inherit parent traits, but you never know which ones will show up dominantly. No two Maltipoos will be identical in looks, temperament, etc. The best way to get a general sense of Maltipoo puppies for sale is to learn about both parents’ breeds so you know which qualities to look for regarding characteristics, activity level, personality, and more. 

What Does a Maltipoo Puppy Look Like? 

When you take one of the smartest dog breeds and pair it with a tried-and-true gentle companion dog, the results are nothing short of fantastic. Every Maltipoo is unique, exhibiting a variety of traits from each parent. Let’s learn more about the Maltese and Poodle breeds to understand what a Maltipoo might look like. 


A Maltese dog

Maltese dogs

A Maltese is a petite and graceful toy dog breed renowned for its flowing, snow-white fur and spirited demeanor. Hailing from the Mediterranean region, Maltese dogs were bred primarily for companionship rather than utilitarian roles like hunting, tracking, or transporting goods. Consequently, it's not surprising that they exude affection and friendliness, and frequently establish deep connections with their human caregivers. 

Maltese puppies are tiny but sturdy dogs, weighing no more than 7 pounds or so. They are almost always born white, but they can come in white & lemon and white & tan with or without black points.

toypoodlesflowerfield (1).webp

Toy Poodles

Poodle dogs

Poodles may look frou-frou, but they’re actually hard-working dogs that don’t shy away from being active. They are intelligent and trainable, making them easy to housebreak and learn basic commands quickly. Poodles are excellent therapy dogs and emotional support animals thanks to their ability to stay in tune with their owner’s moods and friendly disposition. 

Because breeders want to keep to a certain size, Maltipoo puppies for sale are almost always bred with either Toy Poodles or Miniature Poodles. It’s very rare to see a large Maltipoo that has been bred with a Standard Poodle, as it’s not a safe breeding practice. 

How big will my Maltipoo puppy be as an adult? What color will it be?

While size may vary based on the parents’ sizes, Maltipoo puppies for sale typically grow to be up to 14 inches tall weighing 5-20 pounds. The Maltese side doesn’t give many color options for puppies, but the Poodle side offers a huge variety of colors, markings, and patterns to create a genetic mystery for what colors individual puppies in a litter will be. 

It’s important to understand that even if you have a white Poodle and white Maltese, you could end up with a rainbow of puppies in the litter thanks to genetics. In addition, a dog’s coat can change coloring over time due to several factors. The puppy’s coloring you fell in love with may fade or grow in a different color when its adult hair grows in. 

Is a Maltipoo hypoallergenic? 

Speaking of hair, Maltipoo puppies for sale do have hair instead of fur that grows like a human’s and will need regular trims and brushing. Hair helps trap dander, the substance responsible for aggravating people’s allergies. All dogs have dander, but a low-to-no-shedding dog like a Maltipoo puppy will hold in the dander better.

The casual answer is yes, Maltipoos are considered hypoallergenic. However, it’s a common misconception that a dog with hair instead of fur is automatically okay for allergy sufferers. The reality is that no dog is 100% guaranteed hypoallergenic thanks to dander production. If you are affected by dog allergies, the best course of action is to be around Maltipoo puppies prior to finding your own to see if you tolerate them. In addition, further generations of Maltipoos are more likely to be a better fit for people with allergies. A first-generation Maltipoo with Maltese and Poodle parents may not be as allergy-friendly as Maltipoos crossed with other Maltipoos. 

What’s It Like To Live With A Maltipoo? 

Maltipoo puppy owners will convince you that these are the best dogs on the planet, and perhaps you’ll also be swayed to think so! A Maltipoo puppy for sale is a combination of so many wonderful traits in a tiny package. We’ll give you the good, the bad, and the (hopefully not so) ugly about living with Maltipoo puppies for sale

Velcro dogs

Maltipoo puppies for sale need lots of time spent with their owners. Their sweet nature and constant desire for cuddles make them cherished companions. You’ll swear you have two shadows following you around, and you wouldn’t be wrong! Make sure you have the attention Maltipoos crave to devote to this sweet hybrid breed. 

Gentle nature

Maltipoos exhibit remarkable gentleness, displaying a tender and kind disposition. Their calm and patient demeanor makes them ideal pets, particularly for families with young children or other pets. 

Good with older children

If you socialize a Maltipoo puppy to be around children, they’ll view them as beloved family members. The key to introducing your Maltipoo puppy to your kids is supervision, supervision, supervision! Because a Maltipoo puppy is so tiny coupled with the curious learning nature of children, playtime can quickly become too boisterous. Teach children about gentle touch and how to handle a puppy, and end the play session if things get too rough. You know your family best, so it’s important to make sure your children are old enough to understand how to live with a puppy. 

Versatile roommates

Unlike large dogs requiring lots of room to roam, Maltipoo puppies for sale are extremely versatile and thrive in a wide variety of living situations. They do well with one person or a large family, in an apartment with no yard or a large suburban fenced-in suburban yard, with young first-time owners or experienced dog lovers. 

Portable pals

The key to taking your Maltipoo puppy out and about is to start them as early as you can after they’re fully vaccinated. The more you take your puppy places, the better he or she will learn how to behave and be a delightful companion. They’re small enough to fit into special doggy designer bags, strollers, or pick up when they start trotting in the wrong direction. 


Affectionate puppers 

One of the stand-out traits of a Maltipoo puppy for sale is its friendly, affectionate nature with its owners. They are always happy to be by your side and shower you with puppy kisses. Maltipoos are always up for whatever you are doing, whether you’re going on a walk or curling up on the couch with a good book. 

Training can be rewarding…

Poodles are one of the smartest dogs on the planet, and Maltese are eager to please. When you combine these traits, you get an intelligent, tiny dog who responds best to positive reinforcement and praise during training. They will catch on quickly and do their best to please you. It’s important to use gentle training methods, as they are too sensitive for harsh methods to be effective. 

…But watch out for Small Dog Syndrome

Because Maltipoo puppies for sale look like living teddy bears, they can get away with some bad behavior that may be cute as a puppy but awful as an adult. “Small Dog Syndrome” is when your tiny dog gets too big for its doggy britches and starts ruling your household. They dictate when and what they eat, get away with excessive barking, exhibit jealous behavior, and generally run the show. It’s your job to train your Maltipoo puppy for sale from Day 1 to prevent undesirable behavior. Don’t let their cuteness fool you and stay in charge!

Feed a high-quality diet

Maltipoo puppies for sale need a high-quality diet either recommended by your breeder or your veterinarian. Feed them the correct formula for their age and size. Avoid overfeeding or giving too many treats because they are prone to sensitive stomach issues and obesity. 


High energy doesn’t mean 2 hours of hiking

Maltipoo puppies for sale are high-energy puppies, but that doesn’t mean you have to run them for 2 hours on a rugged trail. Maltipoo puppies will need around 30 minutes of focused exercise a day which can be broken down into a few walks and play sessions. The intelligent Poodle side will also appreciate brain games and mental stimulation. Above all, Maltipoo puppies love to play, which should be the bulk of their energy expenditure throughout the day. 

Grooming needs

Maltipoo puppies will need regular attention for grooming with frequent haircuts. You can keep your Maltipoo’s hair long or get it clipped 1-2 inches from the skin; it’s up to the owner’s preference. You will, however, want to keep their faces and beards tidy and trimmed. 

Maintain dental hygiene

Because Maltipoos for sale have small jaws but the same number of teeth as other dogs, they can experience dental problems such as cracked teeth, jaw issues, crowded teeth, abscessed teeth, and bad breath. Keep on top of regular dental cleanings to avoid painful problems with their tiny teeth. 

How Much Does a Maltipoo Puppy For Sale Cost? 

If you’re considering Maltipoo puppies for sale, you’ll want to start doing some research to find your perfect puppy. You’ll probably ask friends and family where they got their Maltipoo. In addition, you’ll probably turn to a search engine or social media site to locate “Maltipoo puppies for sale near me.” 

All sorts of price ranges will appear, and you may be tempted to go with the cheapest option. In this case, though, you pay for what you get! Buyer beware!

When you choose the cheapest, most available breeder from certain online sites, you will find that most of them come from sketchy backgrounds and may even feature photos stolen from the internet. You won’t have any idea about the health of the parents or if they were carefully selected to produce the very best traits of both parent breeds. You may even receive the wrong dog, buying a Maltipoo as advertised that ends up being another doodle mix! Or even worse, you may get scammed and not receive a Maltipoo puppy at all! 

These dishonest puppy scammers or puppy mill breeders will not produce any puppy contract outlining the bill of sale or offer a comprehensive health guarantee. You won’t know when (or even if) the puppies have had shots because you won’t receive any health records. 

Clearly, going with the cheapest option is not the best practice. Instead, you should look for a trustworthy breeder who values this hybrid breed and understands both parents. They know exactly which traits to breed for when creating healthy Maltipoo puppies for sale. 

Reputable breeders may have puppy prices that give you sticker shock, but the cost of a Maltipoo puppy for sale starts to make sense when you consider the monetary factors that go into birthing and raising Maltipoo puppies.

Here is a breakdown of just a fraction of what is included in the price of a Maltipoo puppy for sale: 

  • Expertise of breeder
  • Prenatal care for mama including any vet visits, special food, supplements, vitamins, etc. 
  • Birthing and whelping supplies
  • High-quality food for puppies
  • Cleaning and sanitizing supplies
  • Maintaining a safe, comfortable, clean whelping area
  • Business and overhead expenses 
  • Regular visits to the vet to keep them up to date on their core vaccinations and prevent common puppy illnesses up to 8-12 weeks (or when they leave for their new homes)
  • Any emergency issues that may arise
  • Dog items like collars, toys
  • Breeding rights and registration if offered

The price of raising a Maltipoo for sale will now transfer over to you after you bring him or her home. You’ll need to make sure you are ready to financially prepare for a puppy, so take a look at your budget when considering Maltipoo puppies for sale. Some line items to include are high-quality food, vet visits and associated costs, microchipping, spaying or neutering, a collar, a leash, a harness, toys, bedding, a crate, accessories, doggy daycare or boarding feeds, grooming, and unforeseen emergency expenses. These are only the basics, as you’ll inevitably have expenses pop up. Since Maltipoo puppies for sale can live 10-15 years, be prepared to give your Maltipoo puppy an amazing, long life. 


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Find Vivacious Maltipoo Puppies For Sale at Pawrade

If this sounds overwhelming, and you are worried about getting scammed while finding Maltipoo puppies for sale on your own, we have good news for you. We partner with ethical Maltipoo breeders who pour their hearts and souls into raising their babies to be able to hand off a happy, healthy Maltipoo right into your loving arms. Our partner breeders must pass a rigorous application and be hand-selected to work with us. Because they partner directly with us, you’ll be able to get updates from our team on how your puppy is doing. 

In addition to knowing we are not a scam, Pawrade offers a comprehensive health guarantee, ensuring your Maltipoo puppy for sale arrives with health papers and outlining both breeder and owner responsibilities – all while keeping your puppy’s health at the center of it all.

Skip the social media sites and search for Maltipoo puppies for sale right here at Pawrade. Your vivacious new friend will arrive using a travel method to suit your needs. Our Puppy Concierge team can’t wait to hear from you! 


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