The Perfect Dog For You, According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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February 10, 2023

title is The Perfect Dog For You, According To Your Personality

When we're selecting a puppy for sale, there are so many factors to consider as far as thinking of the right breed for you and questions to ask yourself before buying a puppy. However, did you ever think to consider your own personality and how that affects your choice? 

Get ready to lie down on the nearest couch available to truly scientifically analyze your own personality, and choose a Pawrade puppy based on your results! Examining which dog is best for you based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for dogs is a fantastic way to consider which dog breed is right for you. 

What Exactly is the Myers-Briggs Personality Test? 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an assessment tool used to determine how people perceive the world and make decisions. Developed by Isabel Myers and her mother Katherine Briggs in the 1940s, it is based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types.

The MBTI assesses four different aspects of personality: Extraversion/Introversion, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, and Judging/Perceiving. Through a series of questions about preferences and attitudes, users can learn more about themselves as well as others so that they can better understand their communication styles, work habits, and interpersonal relationships. The MBTI has become one of the most popular psychometric tests in use today with over two million test takers annually.

You can take a free Myers-Briggs personality test or pay to take the official Myers-Briggs personality test from their website. We recommend that you take the test and continue to read our recommendations to see which dog breed corresponds to your Myers-Briggs results

Extraversion (E) – Introversion (I) 

Extroverts tend to be highly energetic, talkative, and sociable. They often have a wide array of friends and acquaintances, are comfortable talking in front of large groups of people, and seek out activities that involve others. They might take risks or take on difficult challenges without overthinking or getting overwhelmed by fear. Extroversion is also associated with bold and assertive personalities. However, these people can also struggle if they do not feel seen or appreciated in their social circles.

On the other hand, introversion describes people who have an inward focus and are energized by time spent alone. People with this type of personality tend to be reserved and self-reflective, preferring solitary activities or small group settings when interacting with others. They prefer to express their thoughts and feelings through writing or art forms. Introverts take in information differently than extroverts; they prefer a more detailed approach that involves deep thought processes. They may also think before speaking, unlike extroverts who tend to speak first and think later. They tend to be thoughtful listeners and enjoy spending time reflecting upon their experiences on their own terms without the need for external validation from others. Furthermore, these individuals usually prefer meaningful relationships over large social circles.

Sensing (S) – Intuition (N)

Sensing, also called Observant, is used to measure an individual's preferences for how they take in and process information. Those who function under the Sensing type are better at living in the moment and finding meaning from what can be observed with their physical senses. They are more likely to rely on gathered facts and pay attention to details, thus making them great problem solvers. The Sensing type is more grounded in reality and less likely to become lost in fantasies or daydreams. As a result, they may be seen as practical, realistic individuals with no-nonsense attitudes toward life. Most importantly, they stay focused on accomplishing the task at hand regardless of what other people say – an incredibly valuable trait in today’s ever-changing world!

Intuition is a powerful and influential trait, allowing individuals to access deep insights into their own personalities and those of others. It is an internal process that entails a special kind of knowing without hard evidence. These types possess a strong “gut feeling” and have an eye for patterns, trends, and relationships between ideas that may not be readily apparent to others. Such people are generally good at seeing the big picture rather than focusing on details, preferring more abstract thought processes over concrete ones. Intuitives also tend to make decisions quickly as they rely more on instinct than careful deliberation - they trust their instincts when making decisions. Instead of focusing on surface-level information, someone that is Intuitive relies on theories and abstract concepts to make sense of the world.

Thinking (T) – Feeling (F)

Those who prefer Thinking styles use logic based on facts and data - rather than emotions when making decisions or judgments. They are analytical and objective, and they perceive situations from a rational point of view. They tend to be organized, efficient, and systematic in their work processes, often devising structured plans for achieving goals rather than taking spontaneous action. They also strive for accuracy and avoid wasting time over-analyzing a given situation. Thinking types are less likely to express sympathy or empathy towards others’ feelings and priorities; they instead focus on being fair by considering all angles objectively without bias or favoritism.

Feeling helps to identify how people make decisions and handle their emotions. Feeling types are typically warm and empathetic toward others, making them excellent communicators and helpers. They tend to be sensitive to the feelings of those around them and value harmony above all else. Personal values guide the Feeling types through life and they are able to bring relationships between people closer together. Furthermore, Feeling individuals prefer to work within a team as opposed to independent work. Sometimes they fail to address their own emotional needs due to their desire for approval from those around them. As such, they may need extra support in order to remain confident when tackling difficult tasks alone.

Judging (J) – Perceiving (P)

People who prefer Judging are organized and task-oriented and enjoy a structured and predictable environment. They are comfortable with clear goals, expectations, and deadlines. Judging types may seem regimented or critical at times, as they tend to have high standards for themselves and others around them. They are often viewed as reliable and responsible, but at the same time, they may be inflexible in their approach and take life too seriously. Judges prefer quick responses and closure to anything questionable. Due to the Judge's desire for order and structure, they may be uncomfortable with spontaneity or change. Ambiguous situations stress them out, so they can struggle with uncertainty or ambiguity; thus, they must have enough time to properly process new information before making decisions. 

Perceivers tend to focus more on possibilities than probabilities. As an example, they might consider how many different ways the same problem can be solved rather than immediately gravitating towards one specific solution. Additionally, Perceivers pay close attention to their surroundings, taking note of small details that others may miss. This allows them to pick up on subtle nuances or relationships that could play an important role in their decision-making process. The Perceiving type is also excellent at communicating due to their ability to connect with people on multiple levels and understand what each individual needs from a conversation or discussion. When it comes time for them to make decisions or express opinions, they usually do so thoughtfully and with consideration for everyone involved. Since they are able to seek out different resources from various areas and draw links between seemingly unrelated concepts, this gives them a competitive edge when it comes time for them to come up with creative solutions for complex problems.

1. INFP - The Idealist - English Bulldog

MB INFP english bulldog (1).jpg

Soft-spoken and daydreaming, the INFP personality relishes its personal space and quiet environment. Their ability to listen before speaking offers intense therapy for other people graced with the INFP presence. As idealists, INFPs also bring a sense of optimism unmatched by other personality types; it is hard to have a bad day around an INFP!

While they usually sit off to the side and mind their own business, their attention to detail and analysis of their surroundings never stops. INFPs are not lazy so do not let their desire for physical rest trick you! In fact, they are highly alert and consistently looking for ways to be a part of things, just in their own fashion. By definition, the Idealist personality type always desires the best-case scenario, and are there for support when needed. They do not beckon the center of attention. This helps them thrive in fields like psychology and photography.

Similar to INFPs, English Bulldogs are known for their drowsy appearance and aloof nature on the outside, but with the underlying courageous demeanor of any bulldog. Despite their preference to sleep, eat, and repeat, they find plenty of time to love and cuddle with their owners. If you are looking for a breed that you can dream up the next world-changing idea with, then look at Pawrade’s great selection of English Bulldog puppies for sale!

2. INTJ - The Mastermind - Shiba Inu

MB INTJ Shiba (1).jpg

It is a no-brainer that INTJs are big-brainers. Their best work is achieved as individuals, allowing the full potential of their creativity to emerge. INTJ personality types prefer things done the right way, and that means their way. They are strategic geniuses with the power to think multiple steps ahead. Intuitive and tactical, INTJ types love a good challenge and seek out constant mental stimulation to maintain happiness. As comfortable as they are in their independence, they also enjoy celebrating their achievements with a small circle of counterparts.

The INTJ personality also comes with a preference for neat, tidy spaces so that there is no uncertainty about where something is to be found. Shiba Inus resemble all of these same characteristics. Originally bred as hunters, Shiba Inus love the one-on-one competition of a classic “cat and mouse” game, chasing small-game animals like rabbits and planning out a successful attack. Interestingly enough, this breed is described as being catlike due to their fondness for cleaning themselves and keeping to themselves.

Shiba Inus live life with an extra pinch of stubbornness and are known to become easily bored with mundane activities and a lack of exercise. If you are an introverted person that prefers problem-solving, organization, and solo adventures, then a Shiba Inu is your perfect sidekick. Shiba Inus come in different colors like red, black and tan, and white, so you have options when you start your search for Shiba Inu puppies for sale!

3. INFJ - The Counselor - Bernese Mountain Dog

MB Counselor Bernese (1).jpg

One of the most intriguing facts about this personality type is that the INFJ type is the rarest Myers-Briggs personality type in the human population. Maybe it is because the unique INFJ personality is often at the crossroad between intentional and ideological. Though introverted at heart, they strive to invest their time and energy in those that they love. While their intuition guides their decisions, they do not gloss over the facts of reality and applicable details. As empathetic beings, they submit to harmony but are not afraid to stand up for justice; as strong judges of character and situations, they still give the benefit of the doubt too often.

All in all, INFJ types are people-pleasers with a gentle approach to life’s obstacles. They are in tune with feelings, thoughts, and principles, and only wish that others could make as much sense of what is truly important in the day-to-day happenings. If you have had any experience with the Bernese Mountain Dog, then you will understand how true they are to this nature. Their large size gives them an intimidating caricature, yet they are loveable, gentle giants. The strength and alertness of a Bernese Mountain Dog are that of a warrior, yet they prefer lighthearted play and constant affection. And although Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the easiest breeds to get along with, they focus their social energy on their pack. If you prefer large dog breeds and live every day with positivity and emotional bonding, then consider adopting one of our good-looking Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale!

4. INTP - The Thinker - Border Collie

MB INTP Border collie (1).jpg

The pride of the INTP personality type is how logically intelligent they are. In both speech and reason, they are extremely proficient at devising workable solutions for any task. These deep thinkers spend so much time in their thoughts that they may come off as reserved. They prefer being the force behind the scenes and manifesting the doctrine, “Work Smarter not Harder.” The quick wit of INTP types combined with their strong pattern recognition makes them wonderful delegators and decision-makers. Oftentimes, INTP types are so impressively intelligible that they are hard to argue against.

The best match for INTP personality types is undoubtedly the Border Collie. Widely regarded as the most intelligent breed, Border Collies find any way possible to make use of their brilliance. They are intense herding dogs, capable of steering hundreds to thousands of sheep at a time. In order to accomplish such a task, Border Collies need to be just as quick on their feet as they are in their brain. Time and time again, Border Collie dogs fill the list of AKC National Agility Championship winners. If you are outdoorsy, active, and intellectual, then don’t think twice…search for your new best friend from our selection of Border Collie puppies for sale!

5. ISFJ - The Protector - Cane Corso Mastiff

ISFJ Protector cane (1).jpg

As an ISFJ, you are depended upon for your emotional stability and generosity. The strength and mindfulness shown by these personality types are quite endearing, but their kindness is not to be mistaken for weakness. Incredible work ethics and loyal dedication are staples of the ISFJ personality. It is almost a superpower to have such a natural balance between one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. They help create the foundation for orderly environments and work to neutralize chaos into equilibrium. As a result, they find success in building relationships and in keeping things on track.

The ISFJ personality type is there to protect deep secrets and vulnerable people. So what better way to feel protected than with a beast of a dog consistently weighing in at over 150 pounds? It’s no coincidence that Cane Corso Mastiffs seem to rhyme with “massive” -- not only in stature but also in heart. Cane Corso Mastiff's big, block heads and sturdy, muscular bodies are easy to stand behind with confidence. They know when something is wrong and can be persistent to make sure that problems are settled.

As natural guard dogs, Cane Corso Mastiffs are heavily relied upon by farmers and rural-living folk since this dog breed needs plenty of land to survey. When raised properly, their protective nature comes from a place of love and not from a place of aggression. Cane Corso Mastiffs are continuous givers and generous in every sense of the word. If you have the living space to offer a Cane Corso Mastiff a home, if you are altruistic in your ways, and if you are of sound mind, then consider matching your mindset with one of our mighty Cane Corso Mastiff puppies for sale!

6. ISFP - The Adventurer - West Highland White Terrier

ISFP Adventure Westie (1).jpg

Known as “The Composers," the ISFP personality type has also been coined as “The Adventurer.” They are extroverted introverts with an admirable zeal for life. The ISFP personality is friendly and approachable since they do not enjoy confrontations, but to avoid conflicts you must be willing to accept the terms of an ISFP type. They act in accordance with the mantra “my way or the highway.” Much of their sensory seeking is egocentric (not to be confused with egotistical).

ISFP personality types are individualistic and work best when they are alone on their own schedule. They focus on the here and now with no shame. This being said, ISFP types and West Highland White Terriers are not for the faint of heart. West Highland White Terriers, also known as Westies, are independent and self-reliant by nature. Dog professionals highly recommend that knowledgeable dog owners consider taking on a Westie puppy. To the Westie breed, the saying “where there’s a will, there’s a way” becomes “where there’s a will, there’s a Westie’s way.”

This isn’t to say that Westland Terriers are no fun to bring aboard! Their spontaneous playfulness will be sure to keep you entertained. Toys are inherent to capture the attention and devotion of a Westie, and they are sure to keep you and your Westie puppy in constant attachment.

If you have been a dog owner for a while and are ready for a new breed to fall in love with, then prepare yourself for the change of a lifetime. Our West Highland White Terrier breeders are some of the best in the country and they have the cutest West Highland White Terrier puppies for sale available today!

7. ISTJ - The Inspector - Great Dane

ISTJ Inspector Great Dane (1).jpg

If Great Danes weren’t the perfect fit for “The Inspector” ISTJ personality type, then how do you explain Scooby-Doo? (Granted, Scooby acted the opposite for the effect of comedic irony.) All jokes aside, this personality type resembles Great Danes quite literally. As an ISTJ, you may have heard that you come across as formal, serious, calm, and reserved. These traits stem from tendencies to remain practical, hard-working and detached from emotional decision-making. In fact, the ISTJ personality is the most common among men, which comes as no surprise. They are systematic and pragmatic, usually telling it how it is.

When times are tough, the ISTJ type is ready to pick up the slack and take on more responsibility to get the job done. They derive great joy in individual achievements and do not have to work in great numbers to find fulfillment. Great Danes emulate many of the same personality traits. This dog breed rarely changes their facial expression. They walk around with their chin up in a regal manner. Great Danes respect boundaries and rules and will adhere to them with loyalty. Most will agree that they do not show aggression unless they are driven to an overwhelming degree of fear or discomfort.

With their grand size and acute sensitivity to the world around them, Great Danes will make it feel like there is another person in the room. If you are even-keeled and looking for the best roommate that you can ask for, consider the extra company for your home in the form of a Great Dane puppy! They get really big, real fast, so act now and find your new furbuddy from our selection of Great Dane puppies for sale!

8. ISTP - The Craftsperson - Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

ISTP Craftsman Cattle dog (1).jpg

One of the more fascinating Myers-Briggs personality types is ISTP. This type is well-balanced and can be given much credit to the functional world we live in. Many people of the ISTP type turn to careers in construction, engineering, and technician and trade work. To them, codes are important, but as the infamous Captain Barbossa said in the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the code is more what you call guidelines than actual rules.” 

Without the flexible creativity of the ISTP type, civilization would most likely never have seen the major breakthroughs that give us the luxuries and privileges that we enjoy today. It is difficult to compartmentalize the thoughts and behaviors of an ISTP type, which makes them quite a mysterious personality. Their introverted approach to doing good for all is admirable, however. Technical tasks attract this personality type, and while they may be hard to confine to strict rules, they can be trusted to learn quickly and work until the job is done.

Australian Cattle Dogs, also known as Blue Heelers or Red Heelers, couldn’t be any more alike to the ISTP type. Their behavior seems fixed on problem-solving, and despite being extremely smart, their learnedness does not always equate to being easily trained. Yet, the willingness of Blue Heelers to get their paws dirty and build the next great development is highly valuable to many people in the realms of agriculture, farming, and showing in dog competitions. 

If you love to brainstorm your next adventure and need an extra dose of curiosity to keep things exciting in your life, then you should consider bringing home an Australian Cattle Dog puppy! Their mid-size body allows them to travel almost anywhere, and their keen ability to be flexible and make the most of any situation will make you happy you started your adventure by choosing one of our Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler puppies for sale!

Watch with your own eyes as this Australian Cattle Dog named Sissy speedily digs up a “paw-made” irrigation system on a farm in North Carolina.

9. ENFP - The Champion- Golden Retriever

ENFP CHampion Golden (1).jpg

The ENFP personality type is not “The Champion” in the sense of trophies, awards, or being the best contestant. They are awarded this nickname because of their ability to win over the hearts of everyone they come in contact with. An ENFP type’s magnetism for positivity, fun, and enthusiasm makes them ideal extroverts. In action, this personality type is electric and never partakes in hurtful behavior.

Naturally, this personality type is equipped with all of the tools to be a social butterfly. They are readily devoted to being the center of attention or the deuteragonist, whichever is needed. Emotional investments are far too easy for the ENFP type – their willingness to set aside their personal matters to attend to the needs of others is one of their most loveable attributes. No singular way exists for an ENFP type to live life; they blindly follow their imaginative spirit and are strongly led by their emotions and intentional engagement with others. They are the prototype for the all-or-nothing personality.

Golden Retrievers are the perfect match for the ENFP personality type. They attract all attention and love the center stage, but they are also easily trained to act in the background as emotional support dogs. The soft coat of a Golden Retriever resembles the soft nature of their love and tenderness. They are often considered one of the most social dog breeds and get along with all sorts of people and animals. The comedic nature of Golden Retrievers brings about laughs in an effortless style and that makes them a beloved breed by all.

If we were talking about winning games, then the Golden Retriever would still be the best fit! After all, the classic movie series starring Airbud the Golden Retriever led his teams to the championships in basketball, baseball, football, and more! So, if you are someone that loves making new friends any place you go, if you live every day to its fullest, and if you strive to constantly smile and not take yourself too seriously, find your golden ticket with one of our Golden Retriever puppies for sale!

10. ENTJ - The Commander - Siberian Husky 

 ENTJ Commander 111 Husky.jpg

The confidence of the ENTJ personality type is captivating, to say the least. Human nature causes most people to fall in line with the status quo, but the ENTJ type is often the one carving the path to be followed. These natural leaders are strong-willed and confident to such a degree that, despite the fact that ENTJ personality type is the second rarest personality type in humans, they do not go unnoticed. For example, Steve Jobs and Jim Carrey are widely considered to be ENTJ types, revolutionizing their industries and displaying neverending innovativeness. They communicate effectively and always seem to be outgoing, dominant personalities.

Fear is irrelevant to the ENTJ type. Any challenge is simply an opportunity for improvement; they interpret the word “impossible” as "I’m Possible.” ENTJ types are passionate and carry on with fierce devotion. They will not take no for an answer and will hold the people around them accountable for their actions and weaknesses.

Siberian Huskies are no strangers to the qualities of the ENTJ personality type. In full form, huskies have been bred to trek the unknown Alaskan Tundra and lead the way without inhibition in front of bobsleds. Like any leader, a follower must be present, so huskies do require a motivated owner that will be willing to let their husky puppy adventure and explore.

With Siberian Husky puppies, iron sharpens iron, meaning firm directions work best when training them. Huskies are smart enough to learn what they can get away with so it is important to teach them that they can’t get away with anything! Huskies are a breed that offers so much potential in each pup, so in order to get the most out of yours, you need to be ready to match their drive and determination for greatness! If you are ready to take life to the next level, find your right-hand pup from one of our available Siberian Husky puppies for sale!

11. ENTP - The Visionary - Chihuahua

ENTP Visionary Chihuahua (1).jpg

The Visionary ENTP personality type, also called The Debater, is feisty and vocal enough to let you know it! Questioning everything is pure instinct for the ENTP type, and although it may not sound like it, their disposition is easy to get along with. Showing appreciation for the ENTP type is done by entertaining their skepticism and occupying their thoughts with new, eccentric ideas. Part whimsical and part rebellious, this type loves to form opinions before resorting to facts.

At their core, Chihuahuas and the ENTP personality type share a common trait: self-confidence. They both possess an inherent trust in their own abilities – whether physical or mental. No matter their size, Chihuahuas have the heart of a lion and remain headstrong whenever faced with danger or difficult tasks. Chihuahuas are also known to be one of the more outspoken dog breeds out there. These feisty pups have either Chihuahua apple heads or deer head shapes. Just because they have tiny “apple heads” or “deer heads” doesn’t mean they have tiny brains! They are clever and a fan favorite amongst many dog lovers.

If you are opinionated, confident, and extroverted, and love being both the angel and devil on the shoulder, then we highly recommend your next furbaby be one of our available Chihuahua puppies for sale!

12. ESFJ - The Provider - German Shepherd

ESFJ German (1).jpg

The emotionally available ESFJ type is bound to steal your heart. They unintentionally attract focus to themselves due to their beauty and glamour, but they have a rare capability to include everyone at the table. The ESFJ type is sensible and is born with an impressive tunnel vision of great interest for the person across from them. Greed is a foreign emotion to this personality type.

Altruism, on the other hand, is a lifetime endeavor. Socially, their presence generates self-assurance and their protective nature demands respect and awe. ESFJ types are orderly, highly skilled, and encouraging. They create a snowball effect for bigger and greater things (without even trying), and can be relied upon during life’s hardest and happiest moments. It is no wonder that ESFJ personality types excel in careers that allow them to command social order, like managerial positions and jobs in police and military roles. Given these traits, it is no wonder why German Shepherds are such an obvious match for the ESJF type.

It is widely known that German Shepherds are regarded as the best breed chosen to act alongside police officers, military personnel, and investigative teams. Their sense of smell and intrinsic understanding of human nature places them at the top of the list of service dogs. German Shepherds are the perfect breed for intuitive, generous, and headstrong individuals. You cannot be lackluster or uninspired with German Shepherds. They demand consistent faithfulness and will give you twice the amount of commitment that you give them.

If you are a person who identifies as being vigilant and caring, and if you seek out challenges to find your purpose, then make sure to find your lifelong companion from one of our available German Shepherd puppies for sale!

13. ESFP - The Performer -  Poodle

ESFP Performer Poodle (1).jpg

Look centerstage and there you have it: “The Performer.” This personality type comes in all shapes and sizes! Life itself for an ESFP is improvisation, attracting everything from comedy to drama, mystery to predictable, and substantial to trivial.

Living life across a spectrum of possibilities may feel overwhelming for most people, but not for the ESFP type. Somehow they find a way to keep life interesting; a dull moment never arises. What makes the ESFP type so wonderful to be around is not only their lively energy, friendliness, or ability to excite but mainly the fact that these traits are generated as a means to entertain and bring great joy to others. It is as if they are constantly performing to bring joy and awe, and it is nearly impossible to sense a grain of narcissism in their blood.

ESFP are truly extroverted, social beings. Their inner energy is recharged through outward appreciation and they find themselves in a perpetual search to make others smile. These traits are commendable and are easily compared to the Poodle dog breed. Varying in size (from Standard Poodles, Miniature Poodles, and Toy Poodles) their size rarely impacts their ability to entertain.

Poodles are one of the most common dog breeds that compete in the AKC Competitions for a number of reasons. Firstly, their gorgeous coats grow in such a way that they can be cut in creative ways. Secondly, their posture and athleticism grant them a pompous elegance. And thirdly, their intelligence is quite profound. Poodles are such an amazing breed that they are the reason behind the rising popularity of Designer Doodle Dog breeds. 

14. ENFJ - The Protagonist - Goldendoodle


All of the personality types on this list are compared to some of the best purebred dog breeds, except for the ENFJ personality type. This type is simply the best of two worlds combined into one! They love attention like the ESFP Performer type and they are energetic, warm, and passionate like the ENFP Champion type.

Think of someone in your life that offers you nonstop love, complete dedication, and a natural way of making everything better – they are probably an ENFJ type. They seem to be free of flaws, led by honorable ethics, and radiating pure charisma. Joining this type in any activity is sure to satisfy your soul. They are the ideal friend, coworker, and partner.

The Protagonist lives life purely and to its fullest extent and will never leave you behind. They will celebrate you in your victories and they will build you up in your defeats. When the ENFJ type gets involved in your life, you are in for a treat. While they can come off strong, their intentions are pure and they simply want the best outcome for all people and all scenarios.

If this loveable and blissful personality sounds like you, or if you genuinely need a boost to your everyday life, then you need a Goldendoodle! Fortunately, they come in various sizes so you can find the perfect one for your lifestyle. We recommend Mini Goldendoodles for those that want a small-to-medium-sized dog and those that live in apartments and condos. But if you enjoy exercise and have a little more room to spare, the standard Goldendoodles will bless you beyond words! This dog breed is honestly perfect for anyone, and if you are looking for a special “furiend” that will never let you down, find the light of your life in one of our Goldendoodle puppies for sale (or one of our Mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale).

15. ESTJ - The Supervisor - Australian Shepherd

ESTJ Australian Shep  (1).jpg

The ESTJ personality type is blessed with an all-seeing eye. Their strength lies in their leadership and work ethic. Most people of the ESTJ type find purpose in guiding others in any way possible, whether they are simply giving driving directions or if they are giving life advice.

Diplomatic in thought, word, and deed, the ESTJ type often finds its way to the top of the C-Suite because of the way they work with others and delegate tasks. Though they can be snippy at times, they mean well and will be sure to encourage and compliment you once the job is done. Responsibility is extremely important to the ESTJ type – they go above and beyond the call of duty and expect this to be reciprocated at every level. Systematic procedures are also important for the ESTJ type and they recognize the importance of methodical practices to produce the best results.

Australian Shepherds are the first breed that comes to mind when thinking about all of these qualities. They are effective, operative, and outspoken dogs with a rich history of herding cattle and sheep. Within the last decade or so, Australian Shepherds have become popular emotional support dogs due to their heartwarming temperament. Australian Shepherds are highly active dogs and love having something to do. They are affectionate and willing to try new things, and they are dependable in all matters at hand. Genetically speaking, Australian Shepherds have gorgeous coats with different colors and are known to have beautiful eye colors (and sometimes have two different colored eyes!). They have a zest for life and appeal to those that desire beauty, strength, and status.

If you are someone that prefers structured routines, orderly practices, and steady activity, then look no further – you can match your appeal for the finer things in life with one of our Australian Shepherd puppies for sale (or Miniature Australian Shepherds puppies for sale)!

16. ESTP The Dynamo - Corgi

ESTP Dynamo Corgi (1).jpg

Most ESTP personality types go unnoticed. Their extroverted nature puts them in positions of networking and relationship-building with any person they meet. It goes without saying that The Dynamo personality is dynamic and presents a never-ending sense of energy, action, and novelty. Habitual lifestyles will bore the ESTP type as tend to get distracted by their new, inventive ideas which never seem to stop flowing. 

Breaking past the status quo comes naturally to the ESTP personality type. They do not know what it means to “test the waters” but instead completely dive into any cause that they deem worth it. Abstract views and radical ideas are what sets the ESTP type apart from the rest. No days are wasted and no time is wasted. Their impact is immediate! The opportunities are endless with the ESTP type, as they are perpetually ready to break the bounds of normal living.

If any dog breed can compare to the ESTP personality then it’s a Corgi. Despite their size, they are spitfires with contagious energy. Corgis are known for their love for life and their enthusiasm for playing with other animals. They are constantly the life of the party and make friends easily, which is one of the reasons they have become known as The Queen's Dog. Corgis will fiercely try to jump or climb whatever is in their way, and the combination of curiosity and enthusiasm exhibited by Corgi puppies and ESTP personalities makes them two very lovable characters!

If you are an outgoing person with a fearless ambition to be different and fun, then you should be considering bringing home a Corgi puppy (or two!) because of how affable and laughable they are! Corgis come in 3 varieties, and we have all 3 available: American Corgi puppies for sale, Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies for sale, and Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies for sale!

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