9 Tips For Working at Home With Your Puppy

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February 03, 2024

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Some of us have had interesting coworkers over the years. Working entails getting along with all walks of life to achieve a common goal. You may have had a coworker whose behavior you found strange, but did they bark at you when you asked them a question? Did they sit down on the floor and scratch their ears? No? But what if you have a coworker that does engage in this behavior? You must work from home with a coworker of the 4-legged variety!

You have to admit, if our dogs were humans, their behavior would be downright bizarre and not appropriate for the workplace. But because they are our furbabies and live here, too, your dog is here to stay as your #1 coworker. They’ll listen to you complain about the overdue TPS reports, but you can be 100% certain they will not spread any office gossip. On the other paw, working from home with pets creates a new set of challenges to overcome for a smooth work environment. 

You might think that because you are out of the physical office you don’t have to worry about the do’s and don’ts of bringing your dog to the office. Quite the opposite is true, as several tips also apply to working from home. You’ll need to create and maintain a professional environment conducive to focusing, being available to coworkers, meeting deadlines, concentrating on tasks, and limiting distractions.

Let’s discuss tips for working from home with your dog and hear how Pawrade staff members love their dogs as coworkers

Working From Home With Dogs: By the Numbers

The number of companies allowing work-from-home positions is a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The US Census Bureau states that while about 5.7% of the workforce was at home full-time pre-pandemic, that number tripled to 17.9% in 2021. 

When you work from home, you may feel like the only one without the water cooler chatter. You are not alone. According to Technopedia, 13% of full-time employees were fully remote, 57% were full-time on-site, and 30% were in a hybrid arrangement by August 2023. 

Attitudes on teleworking from home with pets are very clear for how pet owners view the presence of their pets. In a survey of 1000 people conducted by Digital.com, 75% of remote workers want to stay home with their pets. They’ve found that their pets’ presence reduces stress levels and strengthens their bond. 

Tips For Working at Home With Your Dog

Working from home with your pets can provide many benefits and has several advantages, but how can you make it a successful experience? Read on to find out and see if any of these tips work for you. 

1. Use your breaks wisely

You can accomplish a lot for your dog on a break, even if you have 10 minutes. You can walk up and down the street or around your block. Either do a brisk walk or slow down to enjoy the outdoors while your puppy sniffs around on a scent walk for dogs. Not only does going on a walk or playing fetch in the yard get your puppy’s energy out, but it also provides a chance for you to get your heart pumping and serves as a nice break from sitting all day long. Check out our tips for walking your dog and how to take your puppy on a scent walk for some best practices. 

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2. Exercise isn’t always physical

Exercising your puppy doesn’t always mean a jaunt around the block or a romp around the yard. There are lots of ways to exercise your dog. You can play hide-and-seek in between conference calls to have fun and get away from your desk. Do not underestimate the power of mentally stimulating toys and games for dogs! Holding their attention and keeping them busy will keep their little noses and chins off your keyboard. Toys and games that mentally stimulate their mind help them work out solutions and be engaged with a task rather than aimlessly pacing around. 

3. It’s okay to leave them alone sometimes

Working from home can become monotonous, and sometimes you just need to get out of the house. Some of you have to return to the office a few days a week on a hybrid work schedule. A change of scenery is a great way to give opportunities to reduce separation anxiety in your puppy for those times you are not home. The more comfortable they are without you around, the less anxiety and fear your puppy will experience. Those puppy kisses are waiting for you when you return! 

4. Create a cozy spot

A dog needs its own space regardless of where you work. Dogs are den animals and appreciate a comfortable, cozy spot tucked away from everything. They can come here for a nap, to eat, to escape overstimulating noise, or to enjoy a treat. Crate training your puppy is an excellent way to establish their special place in your home and will be welcome when you have to separate them due to a presentation. 


5. Sneak in training opportunities

Training your dog does not have to happen during a time set aside. You can hold micro-training sessions for 5 minutes and be consistent about it. Keep some treats near your desk so you’re prepared when they approach you for some attention. A little bit of training every day is a great way to stay consistent and positive. 

An effective combination of providing a comfortable, secure space is pairing it with the command “place.” When introducing “place,” you’re telling your puppy to go to their space and not move from it until you give a release command. The “place” command could save you from doggy mishaps or pawing your laptop right before you submit that report. 

Another training tip is to teach your puppy not to bark excessively – quite a tall order, we know. We’ve all heard a dog barking incessantly in the background of someone’s call, and it’s distracting. Your dog may want to inform you that the wind is blowing again or demand you play with them that instant. While you can’t always control barking 100%, you can take proactive steps when your dog loudly demands attention. Limiting the factors most likely to cause barking may help, such as blocking their view outside or keeping interactive toys and treats ready. One treat that most dogs like is a frozen Kong toy stuffed with peanut butter or pumpkin. You can even mix a bit of kibble in there. The toy stays interesting hopefully for hours, and you can get some work done in peace. 

6. Routine maintenance

Evaluate your workflow with your puppy’s routine. If you have any flexibility, match your schedule to your dog’s if you can do so. For example, walk your puppy on your break right before a meeting so they’re tuckered out. Have them take potty breaks at the same times each day. Feed them at regular intervals according to their formula. Enforce nap time after a hard play session! If you’ve got a full calendar for the day or even on a quiet day, a daily puppy routine will prevent bored behavior and interruptions.


7. Find like-minded people

Some people prefer dogs over people and are relieved they can talk to their dogs instead of listening to banal office chatter. For others, working from home can be a struggle to balance socialization and camaraderie. If you need human interaction, choose an activity you and your dog can do together to meet humans and their dogs. 

Perhaps there is a local group of other people who work from home for a lunch break meetup. Some breweries and other places of business have a daytime dog park. Your dog could get socialization while you check emails or chat with people. Others of you may have fellow neighbors or friends who also work from home that you could meet with for a walk. 

Meeting up with dog lovers for a break during your workday has several advantages, such as getting you out of the house, exercise, camaraderie, and socialization for both of you.

8. Outsource 

It’s always okay to take your dog somewhere out of the house for a while, especially if you are required to speak or engage in back-to-back events. If you have a person you can trade off days for a doggy play date, schedule those around your busy days. You can also take your dog to a doggy daycare where they can also come back clean if grooming services are offered. Having your dog with someone else can give everyone a break to recharge for the fun ahead. 

9. Get your coworkers involved 

If you have access to company communications channels with chat features, see if there is a space to show off and talk about your pets. You can share pictures or videos to brighten your coworkers’ days. At Pawrade, we love sharing what our pets are up to as we’re busy making your puppy adoption process as smooth as possible. 

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Work From Home With a Pawrade Puppy Coworker

We may be biased, but isn’t it everyone’s dream to stay at home with your dog? Even though working from home with a dog brings its challenges, we still get to snuggle with them or look at their sweet faces. After all, they just want to be with us. 

Speaking of being home, you can find puppies for sale at Pawrade from reputable breeders right from your home office. We provide a seamless pet adoption experience using a secure transaction management platform. Our Puppy Concierge team is looking forward to helping you find your four-legged coworker!


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