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April 02, 2024

Two chihuahua puppies with eater accessories and dyed easter eggs

After a long, dreary winter, Spring has finally arrived! The flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and baby birds are chirping in their nests. Spring means pops of color emerge from the bland landscape as everything bursts into bloom seemingly overnight. 

Flowers are not the only things growing this Spring season. Your puppy is also rapidly growing, so she needs practical items to replace outgrown items. But who says you can’t be stylish at the same time? 

Taking the time to conduct Spring cleaning with puppies gives you a fresh, safe start since Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. Get rid of broken toys and items your puppy has outgrown or no longer uses. Instead, treat your puppy to fresh, new items for a clean start this Spring. Whether you choose bunny-shaped treats, a stylish floral raincoat, or a new interactive toy, our guide will have the perfect gift for your pooch. Check out our recommendations for Spring accessories for your puppy to brighten your days, and watch your puppy hop around with joy. 

What to Look For in Spring-Themed Accessories For Puppies 

Whether you’re making an Easter basket for your puppy or giving a gift to celebrate a beautiful Tuesday in Springtime, there’s something for every puppy out there to welcome the sunshine. When selecting Springtime gifts for dogs, it's essential to consider their safety, comfort, and style. 

Safety first

Prioritize safety when selecting Spring accessories for your puppy. Opt for collars and harnesses with sturdy buckles and secure fastenings to prevent accidental escape or injury. Ensure that accessories have reflective or brightly colored elements to enhance visibility during walks, especially during low-light conditions. Additionally, avoid accessories with small parts or embellishments that could pose a choking hazard to your curious puppy, or always supervise when detachable parts are on products.

When making or purchasing Spring treats for your puppy, stay away from treats with chocolate, grapes, raisins, xylitol, onions, and garlic. Instead, choose treats containing human foods safe for dogs to avoid having to call poison control or an expensive, scary trip to the emergency vet. 

Comfortable materials

Safety and comfort go paw-in-paw when selecting the right Spring outfit and accessories. Pay attention to the size guide for clothing, headgear, collars, booties, and harnesses, and learn how to measure your puppy to ensure a great fit. For puppy toys, make sure the material is suitable for their sensitive mouths due to puppy teething, and also pay attention to the correct sizing for your puppy. Opt for breathable, lightweight fabrics to encourage airflow. Adjustable accessories can accommodate your puppy’s rapid growth and give a custom fit. 

Personality preferences

While functionality is essential, don't forget to add a touch of style to your puppy's spring wardrobe while incorporating your interests as well. Explore a variety of colors, patterns, and designs to find accessories that reflect your puppy's personality and your sense of style. Whether you prefer vibrant hues, floral prints, classic neutrals, or fan-based material, there are plenty of fashionable options available to suit every taste.

The price is right

It can be so easy to get carried away with all the cute accessories, outfits, toys, treats, and more. You can click away and fill up your online cart in no time. Before you even come near your phone or computer to get click-happy, decide how much you are going to spend because you don’t want to overextend your budget when shopping for Spring puppy items. If you see a high-ticket item, you may want to save up to pay for it in full without worrying about it sticking around on your credit card.  

Spring Accessories To Buy Your Puppy 

From splurging on a cool toy to updating your puppy’s wardrobe, there are Spring-themed puppy accessories for any puppy, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes


Made Well Floral Dog Collar with Removable Flower Accessory from Blueberry Pet

This beautiful collar from Blueberry Pet combines style, durability, and functionality. The detachable flower adds a touch of elegance, transforming a simple collar into a statement piece. Whether your furry friend is attending a special event or simply strolling through the park, this delicate embellishment adds a touch of flair to their ensemble. In addition to bringing some pizzazz to your puppy’s look, the Made Well collar prioritizes practicality and safety. The D-ring allows for easy leash attachment, while the sturdy buckle closure ensures security during wear. 


Frisco Lightweight Reversible Packable Travel Dog Raincoat

You’ll get two raincoats for the price of one when you purchase this adorable Lightweight Reversible Packable Travel Dog Raincoat from Frisco. Convenient for when you get caught in bad weather, the smart design of the reversible water-resistant nylon material keeps your pet dry without sacrificing fashion sense. It’s also made with safety in mind with a covered leash hole and reflective binding. You can choose a cute floral pattern on one side and solid pink on the other. The raincoat folds up into a convenient travel pouch to fit in your purse so you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature brings. 


Hide and Seek Squeaky Interactive Strawberry Dog Toy by Lepawit

Mental stimulation is so important to a puppy’s brain development. This adorable set of strawberry dog toys is a fun, festive way to keep your puppy entertained for hours. The colorful strawberries have squeakers inside and crinkle, and some feature a roll-out hideaway for treats. The soft bag serves as both storage and a pillow for them to sleep on for some post-play napping. 

chicken-turkey-topper-combo-656146 (1).jpeg

Chicken & Turkey Topper Combo from Farm to Pet

Is your puppy picky at mealtimes? Your vet may approve a little boost of deliciousness in their dinner bowls. Farm to Pet makes powdered chicken and turkey toppers with cage-free, human-grade 100% dehydrated chicken and turkey. You can sprinkle it into their kibble for some extra flavor, delighting even the most finicky of eaters.


Pet Life Bubble Vogue Ultra-Plush Fashion Designer Dog Carrier

Want to be the most fashionable person at brunch with two of the cutest accessories? The Bubble Vogue Ultra-Plush Fashion Designer Dog Carrier by Pet Life is the perfect accessory to cart around your little companion. Your puppy will ride in comfort surrounded by the soft plush fabric. The panoramic dual-zippered mesh sunroof allows your puppy to see the action from a safe, secured spot. You can clip a leash to the built-in connector in the bag for extra security.


Launch A Ball Tennis Dog Toy by Outward Hound

Warmer weather means more time to enjoy outside with your puppy! A tired puppy is a happy puppy, so you should try to incorporate fun ways to exercise for your puppy. The Launch a Ball Tennis Dog Toy by Outward Hound makes playing catch easy. You throw the ball with more leverage thanks to the long handle, and the ball goes soaring as your puppy romps to fetch it. You can also retrieve balls using the scooped end to avoid all that puppy slobber!


Handmade Knit Organic Cotton Fruits & Veggies Squeaky Dog Toys by Nina Woof 

If you’re looking for puppy toys that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, the Handmade Knit Organic Cotton Fruits & Veggies Squeaky Dog Toys set by Nina Woof will bring a smile to both you and your puppy’s faces. The pear, pineapple, and carrot designs are perfect for Spring, and the squeaker toy inside will keep them entertained while they tap into their instincts. The organic, pet-safe material is soft on their teeth, and even the packaging is recyclable. 


Bonne et Filou Easter Dog Treats Gift Box

Your puppy will do all the tricks she knows how to scarf down a sample from the Bonne et Filou Easter Dog Treats Gift Box. It is the gift that keeps on giving with so many delicious, beautifully decorated treats inside! These 22 gourmet treats include bone-shaped cookies, truffles, and macarons made with pet-safe, food-grade, locally sourced ingredients. 


Let's Groove Reversible Dog Harness By Lucy & Co. 

Why settle on one design on a harness when you can have two cute ones ready for Spring outings? The Let’s Groove Reversible Dog Harness by Lucy & Co. comes in XS-XL to fit just about any puppy. The adjustable chest strap allows for the right fit and redistributes pressure points. All you have to do is turn it to the other side for easy display depending on your preference that day. The water-repellent neoprene stands up well during your hiking adventures. 


MidWest QuietTime Defender Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

Does your puppy need a new dog bed? The QuietTime Defender Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed by MidWest provides a comfortable place to rest with a stylish green patterned removable, washable cover perfect for Spring. Thick foam provides cushioning for growing bones, and the Teflon cover is water, stain, and odor-resistant.

Spring For a Pawrade Puppy 

April showers bring May flowers – and lots of puppies! A Pawrade puppy will put a spring in your step with daily walks as you teach them how to walk on a new, Spring-themed leash and harness. Your puppy will already be cute, but you can take it to the next level with floral accessories or amazing outfits. Browse our puppies for sale to select your very own four-legged fashionista to prance around this Spring! 

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