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bikejoring on an orange tri-wheel with 3 dogs attached 10 minute read
March 26, 2024 Behavior & Training

Unusual Dog Sports to Try With Your Puppy

Beyond agility for dogs is a huge range of interesting, new dog sports that have cropped up in recent years. Learn about unusual dog sports, what makes them stand out, and the types of dogs suited for each of these fascinating competitions.

a boxer and a pit bull play with a soccer ball 10 minute read
January 23, 2024 Behavior & Training

A Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs

While we all wish our dogs could talk to us, unfortunately, your puppy cannot merely say, “Stay back!” Learn what resource guarding in dogs is, signs your puppy is resource guarding, & what to do about it through prevention and training.

A little dog dressed up in athletic gear 9 minute read
January 16, 2024 Behavior & Training

Introduction to Dog Sports For Puppy Owners

Are you looking for something to do with your dog? Dog sports allow owners and dogs to bond in a fun, structured competitive environment. Learn about some common dog sports to see if joining a canine sport is right for you and your puppy.

a US soldier holds the face of a Belgian Malinois 10 minute read
November 14, 2023 Behavior & Training

A Guide to Famous Military Working Dogs

To fully appreciate war hero dogs, it’s important to examine the history of United States military working dogs, understand their training process, and meet famous war dogs that have changed history one paw at a time.

A crated brownish red dog with gorgeous eyes looks off into the distance 11 minute read
March 20, 2023 Behavior & Training

How Crate Training Benefits Your Puppy

Crate training your puppy can be an absolute game-changer for both you and your beloved pet. From why you should crate train to how to create a safe haven for your puppy, we'll explore how crate training is beneficial for your puppy.