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a scruffy small puppy wears a black and white checkered coat and booties in the snow 11 minute read
February 20, 2024 Tips & Trends

Must-Have Winter Gear For Dogs

Winter doesn’t have to mean hunkering down for months at a time with your puppy. With the right must-have winter gear for dogs, you can be prepared to have fun during these cold months.

A dog wearing a frilly bonnet holds a paintbrush sitting across from an easel on a table 9 minute read
January 09, 2024 Tips & Trends

Famous Works of Art Featuring Dogs

From ancient sculptures to classical paintings to modern masterpieces, our guide to famous works of art featuring dogs will inspire your artistic pawsibilities with your puppy.

Two hands holding a red heart with a paw print in it 9 minute read
December 21, 2023 Tips & Trends

Pawesome Paw Print Keepsakes to Make With Your Puppy

Creating keepsakes of our puppy’s pawprints will keep their spirit in our hearts forever. Whether it’s for a holiday craft, a gift, or something to make you smile, paw print keepsakes you make with your puppy will bring long-lasting joy.

Two dogs play with a football 11 minute read
November 07, 2023 Tips & Trends

Meet 10 Collegiate Canine Mascots

From elementary schools to professional sports, collegiate dog mascots unite people despite their differences, creating a sense of belonging. See what makes these 10 collegiate canine mascots so beloved and unique.