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Cockapoo Puppy
My puppy was severely neglected, soaked in urine, and was unable to walk properly from lack of exercise from the "breeder"
Cockapoo Puppy
Everything went perfect. Everyone kept me informed every step of the way and answered all my questions Gigi is home and doing great!
Cockapoo Puppy
I love my new Cockapoo! She is healthy and adorable! PawRade worked with me to locate a puppy within driving distance, thus saving on airfare.

The Pawrade Customer Experience

Our customer's testimonials will tug at your heartstrings and give you a sense of what to expect when you choose us to find your new puppy.

Cockapoo Puppy
My experience with Pawrade is the best !! They were excellent on everything. Customer follow up in particular. Thanks so much.
Cockapoo Puppy
Such a smooth process. Everyone was so easy to work with. We love our new girl!
Cockapoo Puppy
My experience with Pawrade was amazing! I went to pick up my puppy to East Kansas and the breeder was very nice to us. Our new baby is wonderful!
Cockapoo Puppy
We are so in love with our sweet boy Java. He is so calm and cuddly. He's the perfect addition to our family. From start to finish the process's went pretty smooth. We had our puppy flown to us and I wouldn't of had it any other way. Our travel nanny was great! Really recommend Pawrade.
Cockapoo Puppy
This was absolutely the easiest way to buy a puppy. Pawrade is absolutely wonderful. They couldn't be more helpful. Would do it again.
Cockapoo Puppy
I was frustrated/ disappointed that no one phoned me after I requested the same. Also very frustrated with numerous texts/ emails from multiple people. Would have preferred one person coordinating all arrangements. On the plus side, all agents were knowledgeable and friendly. And the breeder was very nice when we finally met. My puppy is everything I hoped for and more!
Cockapoo Puppy
I had an awesome experience with Pawrade. I would do it again. I would recommend Pawrade to everyone. If I was able to I would give them more than 5 stars 🌟 ❤️🐶
Cockapoo Puppy
We love the puppy but it took a month to get her which we felt was too long.
Cockapoo Puppy
We got toy cockapoo from Pawrade and that is what we were looking for. Puppy adapted instantly to new house and loved by all the family. There was ear infection found on the first visit to vet, but otherwise is the healthy puppy. I have applied for reimbursement with MetLife as instructed. Cockapoo is very intelligent, playful, I would say, balanced dog who likes to be around people and other dogs. We will be looking for another dog soon to be companion to this puppy, so they can stay in playpen through the day without getting lonely. We will consider Pawrade for our next puppy as well.
Cockapoo Puppy
This was a surprisingly easy process in bringing our little boy home. The nanny flew him to us less than a week after purchase. Communications from Pawrade, the breeder, and nanny were all seamless. I had a great experience.
Cockapoo Puppy
Shelly, who we named Violet, was delivered as scheduled, and we love her!!🥰💕 Thank you so much for making the whole process easy to follow and being so helpful! We have had excellent support from all customer service representatives that we have had the pleasure of working with! Thank you for making this an awesome process and giving us our furbaby! We are grateful and pleased we your help through
Cockapoo Puppy
We can't say enough good things about our entire experience with Pawrade. Initially, I wanted a puppy and began looking in December 2022. I searched the internet. Little did I know, at the time, about how many puppy scammers are out advertising for your perfect puppy. My husband told me about a report on scammers on our local news. I was nervous and decided I wasn't meant to have another dog. My family has had labs for 33 years. Pawrade showed up in my email and I started looking at their available dogs. I fell in love with a Cockapoo. I researched Pawrade reviews on Google, Trustpilot, and Scam Alert. One week later we have our little guy. We met the owner and knew instantly the love and care she put into our little Cooper. Pawrade was a thorough organization from start to finish. I was provided with constant communication, customer support, and literature on caring for my new pup. I give them 5 stars!
Cockapoo Puppy
Fell in love with pictures of a little girl cockapoo. She's 7 months old. She is very bright and loving. The downside is communication with different people at Pawrade was confusing. We choose to drive to N. Indiana to pick her up at breeder. A beautiful home & building. She was loving and gave kisses. Took her to vet next day. His comments included she was smelling of urine and her ears had not been cleaned. Should we ever buy a puppy again we would go locally where the puppies were held and stroked by adults and kind children. We could tell there were many puppies and probably all the breeder could was feed and attempt to keep pens/crates picked up.
Cockapoo Puppy
Pawrade was exceptional each member of there support staff extremely helpful supportive and patient especially helping me to navigate the on line process thanks to your whole team💐👍🏻😊💕
Cockapoo Puppy
We absolutely love her.. she is very lovable and sweet. I'm in Love💕
Cockapoo Puppy
Our puppy is wonderful 💜She has amazed us …smart ,funny,and sweet🐶From the beginning of this whole journey it has been a joy ! Everyone has been great to inform us of every step , making us stay calm throughout 💜Thank you to you all 💜Cindy

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Cockapoo Puppy
Working with Pawrade was fairly smooth while working the breeder was not. This particulare breeder wanted to set up her own transportation rather than using Pawrade's service and it was a mess. The actual nanny was great, kept me informed of their travel and how my puppy was doing. The puppy arrived after midnight as the breeder scheduled pickup for 10am. I feel like the pick up could have been done somewhat earlier so that puppy would have arrived at a decent time. The documents were missing at the time of drop off. I was provided medicine in a syringe with no name on it for what it was for and no directions as to how often to give. I was told by the breeder that the puppy had "championship bloodline" on the mother's side but that was never proven. That was also in the advertisement on Pawrade's website. It said in the advertisement that the puppy was red. The puppy is white and apricot, which I'm fine with but it's the point that concerns me. Ask the questions upfront.
Cockapoo Puppy
I live my new puppy! She had some ticks on her when I got her but nothing that a good treatment can't handle.
Cockapoo Puppy
Right now my new puppy who I just got Sunday is sick with Parvo. My vet said due to the incubation period it had to come from the breeder. So, right now I'm devastated. Just hoping she recovers.
Cockapoo Puppy
Everything went smoothly and as you said.
Cockapoo Puppy
The process from being to end was smooth, and just like that we have our new puppy. He's the cutest thing! Thank you Pawrade.
Cockapoo Puppy
Pawrade is very supportive. Thank you.
Cockapoo Puppy
With the best care and with many facilities, my family and I were able to find our new member.
Cockapoo Puppy
I had excellent service by Pawrade. The communication and detailed explanations were outstanding. The transportation agents communicated regularly and they arrived at my home when scheduled. Dedee is a super puppy and she's integrated into my home and with our other dog extremely well. Thank you very much. Debbie Lowe
Cockapoo Puppy
I couldn't be happy with my Belle. From buying to delivery everyone was very helpful. The breeder went beyond my expectations. Sent pictures weekly, told us what toys she liked, sent a heatbeat stuffed animal with her mom and siblings scent on it to help her transition. I would definitely use Pawrade again
Cockapoo Puppy
For the most part the Pawrade team was very responsive to my questions and our puppy is absolutely perfect.😍
Cockapoo Puppy
Pleased with the short turn around time and the extra help I got with the processing.I give it 5 out of 5 star rating.

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